Roll off Trailer

December 27, 2019

Roll off trailer

Roll off trailer for Sale

Heavy Duty Roll off trailer

Roll off trailer for sale at BENLEE.  

Yes we are the #1 Manufacturer of roll off trailers in North America.  We manufacture single box, two container, pup roll off trailers, roll off dump trailers. Tandem Axle, Tri Axle and up to 8 axle roll off trailers.  The are heavy duty roll off trailers, with the best of the best for up time and low owning and operating costs.  We work with Premier Truck Sales & Rental for roll off trailers for rent and yes at times we have used roll off trailers for sale.  Of course we have roll off trailer parts for sale at BENLEE.  We sell roll trailers to Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and more.  We also sell to Mexico and even Aruba, Ecuador, South Africa and more.  Of course we sell to all of the U.S. so Texas, TX, Florida, California, PA, IL, Michigan, North Carolina and more. If you have a Galbreath, Dragon, American, call us! These are sometimes called, Roll off dumpster trailers or roll off dump trailers, even roll off dumpster trailers. Two box, two container or single container.  We make roll off trailers from 24′ to 50′, with 40 foot roll off trailer a very popular trailer.  Sorry we do not make light duty roll off trailers.  We do make rocket launcher roll off trailers; two box.

We have the safest, highest up time trailers in the industry.  We even have units in stock for same day shipment to you around the U.S. Also, these are semi trailers, not for pulling behind pick up trucks, so these are roll off container trailers for sale, or roll off box trailer.

Greg Brown



Roll off trailer, Pup roll off trailer for sale-BENLEE

Heavy Duty Roll off trailer for sale at BENLEE; 734-722-8100


Roll off trailer for Sale-BENLEE




December 12, 2019

Used Lugger Trucks for Sale

Used Lugger trucks are for sale at Premier Truck Sales and Rental. Call 1-800-825-1255. They have almost new used lugger trucks for sale that are still under factory warranty.  These have BENLEE lugger hoist body.  BENLEE bought Huge Haul, who bought Heil’s Lugger business, so these are true Load Lugger (TM), lugger bodies.  Of course you can also rent a lugger truck for the month, or year at Premier Truck Sales and Rental.  They even have rent to buy programs.  If you are looking for a used Lugger truck for sale or to rent a lugger truck, call Premier.  Of course if you want are looking for a new lugger truck for sale, call us at BENLEE and yes, if you have an ACE, Universal or Converto, call us at BENLEE.  We can do a turnkey solution for you as in mount the lugger hoist on a truck body, or we can ship a lugger body to you and you or a local operation can mount the unit.  We are a dealer, distributor, manufacturer of lugger trucks, lugger hoists, so we are the #1 lugger truck manufacturer in the U.S., making lugger truck bodies.  Of course we have all the lugger truck parts you would ever need, even for Ace Lugger trucks and Converto Lugger Trucks.  We are the original Load Lugger (TM) at BENLEE.

We sell lugger trucks throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, so NY, Michigan, Texas, California, WI, TX, FL and more. Yes even North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Virginia, Illinois and Indiana.

Greg Brown


Used Lugger Trucks for sale. Rent a lugger Truck-Premier

Roll off Trailer for Sale-BENLEE

December 7, 2019

Roll off Trailer for Sale

Roll off trailer for sale is what we are about.  We are the #1 roll off trailer manufacturer in the U.S. We are a Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer.  We sell roll off trailers to all of Canada, including Ontario. We sell to Texas, TX, North Carolina, New York, California and more.  We sell Pup roll offs, Two box, two container, Double box. Roll off dump trailers are the same.  Sorry we do not make goose neck. We at times have used roll off trailers for sale and we can help with roll off trailers for rent.  The are heavy duty, but optimized for weight.  We sell direct to companies and have every roll off truck part or roll off trailer part you would ever need for same day pick up or shipment.  We have tandem axle, tri axle and even 7 axle, and 8 axle units.  Our Super Mini, tandem axle is #1 though, but we do make a great 7 axle unit.  Call us for a quote.  We sell to Michigan, Illinois, CT, IN, Houston, Dallas, Los Angels and more.  We make a great 80,000 GVW unit called the Bridge Master, which has become a great heavy hauler rolloff dump trailer that many scrap yards are using.  The Super Mini is a roll off truck replacement, so go to to see what we have in stock.  We have great value and prices since we sell direct and have no dealers.  We have roll off dump trailers for sale now and even some in stock.

Greg Brown


Roll off trailer for sale at BENLEE

Roll off trailers for sale

Roll off Pup trailers for sale-BENLEE

Roll off trailers for sale, Optimized weight, while Heavy Duty, Single & Two Container, Box-BENLEE

November 22, 2019

Roll off trailers for Sale-Heavy Duty

Single & Two Container

Manufacturer, Dealer-BENLEE

Roll off trailers are for sale at BENLEE.   We are the #1 roll off trailer manufacturer in the U.S., shipping to all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and more.  These are Single container, two container, two box, Pup roll off trailers, Tri axle, tandem axle and up to 8 axle! Canada, Ontario, Alberta and more, as well as Texas, Houston, Dallas, TX., NC, Florida and more. We are in Michigan and build high up time, low owning and operating trailer. Yes, some people call them roll on, roll off trailers. Yes we build them, even roll off dump trailers or rocket launchers. If you are caring scrap metal, waste, of demo material call us.  We are a Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer, so we sell direct to support our customers.  We have an online parts store to support you and we have more than $1 million of cylinders on site to ensure you maintain a high up time. We ship to Ohio, PA, Georgia and more. We build semi-trailers, not the light weight goose neck units.  BENLEE builds trailers up to 8 axles, for the heaviest loads-yes for Michigan only! So is you are looking for roll off trailers near me, call us. If you are looking for a to rent a roll off trailer, call us, or at times we have used roll off trailers for sale.

Greg Brown


Roll off trailers for Sale-BENLEE-Pup

Roll off tri-axle trailer for sale-BENLEE Heavy Duty

BENLEE Roll off trailer Manufacturer

Galbreath roll off parts for sale at BENLEE, 386AO, 2316W | Roll Off Trailers & Parts

November 14, 2019

Galbreath roll off parts for sale
Galbreath Roll of parts for Sale
Distributor, Dealer, BENLEE

Galbreath roll off parts are for sale at BENLEE. Order online

or call 734-722-8100.  We are a Distributor of all Galbreath roll off truck and Galbreath roll off trailer parts for same day shipment.  We have rollers, pins, straps, hooks, replacement cables, ratchets, roller assemblies and more for your hoists for your Galbreath roll off truck, Galbreath roll off trailer.  If you re looking for a distributor near me, we ship to all over North America, Canada, U.S., Mexico, California, Texas, TX, NC, NY and more.  Of course we have tarp system parts for Pioneer, Roll-Rite and more, like the Pioneer A3881KIT .  We have rollers like the 386AO, 2316W, A3205 and every replacement cable you need, as well as sheaves, Pulleys. We have ratchets, straps and more as well.  We ship every part same day for your roll off truck and roll off trailer, or you can even come pick them up if you are in or near Detroit Michigan.  We are a Dealer Distributor of roll off truck parts and roll off trailer parts.  Yes we ship to Ontario Canada, Houston, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Indiana and South Carolina.  Roll off parts for sale at BENLEE. We sell all tarp system parts and tarps, arms, motors, valves and more.

Greg Brown




Galbreath Roll Off Trailer Parts and Roll Off Truck Parts
GALBREATH/GALFAB 386A0/MA530 Roller Side Assembly 3"

Galbreath roll off part 386AO roller

Galbreath 386AO 3″ Side Roller Assembly
SKU: AT411

Galbreath 2316W - Cable Pulley Assembly for 7/8" Cable

Galbraeth 2316W cable pull assembly

Galbreath 2316W – Cable Pulley Assembly for 7/8″ Cable
SKU: CA111

GALBREATH 3431 - Cable Hook

Galbreath 3431 cable hook

GALBREATH 3431 – Cable Hook
SKU: CA088

Galbreath A3205 - Valve, 2 Spool with Air

Galbreath A3205 valve 2 spool

Galbreath A3205 – Valve, 2 Spool with Air
SKU: HY287

GALBREATH V-Roller - HH, Rear

Galbreath V roller

GALBREATH V-Roller – HH, Rear
SKU: CA021

GALBREATH/GALFAB 936AO/MA929 Tool Box - 24" Steel

Galbreath 936AO tool box

GALBREATH 936AO Tool Box – 24″ Steel
SKU: MI003

Galbreath A3760 - Rubber Boot, Hydraulic Valve Handle - A3760

Galbreath A3760 rubber boot hydraulic valve handle

Galbreath A3760 – Rubber Boot, Hydraulic Valve Handle – A3760
SKU: HY317

GALBREATH 6934AO - Sheave Pulley 10" w/2" Bronzed Bushed Center

GALBREATH 6934AO – Sheave Pulley 10″ w/2″ Bronzed Bushed Center
SKU: CA018

$95.04SAVE $83
Galbreath 3134 - Spring, Lock Holding

Galbreath roll off parts 3134 spring lock

Galbreath 3134 – Spring, Lock Holding
SKU: MI208


Galbreath 2354W – Rear Roller
SKU: MI202


Galbreath F844 Washer 1/2 X 4 X 2 1/16 (/f844)

GALFAB 1404W/MA153 Hook Knuckle HH

Galbreath hook, roll off part

GALBREATH 1404W Knuckle Cable Mount WMT
SKU: CA029



Dragon, roll off trailer parts for sale. Dragon two container roll off parts. Dealer, Distributor-BENLEE

November 9, 2019

Dragon Roll off trailer Parts for sale

Dragon Roll off truck parts for sale

BENLEE-Order Online or call 734-722-8100

Dragon roll off trailer parts are for sale at BENLEE.  Order on line at

We have every replacement cable, roller, sheave, pulley, tarp, valve, cylinder you would ever need at great prices and in stock for same day delivery.  We are a stocking dealer, distributor of Dragon roll off parts for two container trailers, single container trailer, roll off truck and more.  Replacement cables, rollers and more in stock.  Roll off trailer hydraulic, parts, valves, hoses all in stock. We have great prices and order online makes it easy.  Use your credit card! We are at 30383 Ecorse Rd, Rolumus, MI, 48174, but we ship all over the world, SAME DAY! All your roll off dump trailer needs ready to go. Roll off container trailer parts in stock.

Greg Brown




Dragon 805-0010 Roller 4" OD, 2 1/8 ID shaft

Dragon 805-0010 Roller 4″ OD, 2 1/8 ID shaft

Economy Grade 2" Tie Down Hook

Dragon 470-6006 Ratchet Strap w/hook

Tie Down Strap - 4" x 36" Nylon

Dragon 510050 Tie Down Strap – 4″ x 36″ Nylon

Ratchet - 4"

Dragon 470-6007 Strap Winch weld on 4”

Dragon 805-0052 10" Pulley

Dragon 805-0052 10″ Pulley
SKU: CA018

Pulley / Sheave - 12" W/2" Bronze Bushed Center

Pulley / Sheave – 12″ W/2″ Bronze Bushed Center
SKU: CA019

Dragon 470-6012 Tie Down Hook - 2"

Dragon 470-6012 Tie Down Hook – 2″
SKU: AT147

Roll Off Cable - 1/2" X 50' Standard

Roll Off Cable – 1/2″ X 50′ Standard
SKU: CA001

Sheave Pin - 2" DIA x 6"

Dragon 805-0117 Sheave Pin Sh200-01 shaft 2 x 5l
SKU: AT091

Aluminum Fender - Two Box Single Axle

Dragon 230-0056 Fender, aluminum Rear
SKU: FE002

Ratchet Bar - Steel

Ratchet Bar – Steel

Dragon 805-0053 5.25 od sheave 7/8 cable groove

Dragon 805-0053 5.25 od sheave 7/8 cable groove
SKU: CA119

Tailgate Latch Assembly - Steel

Dragon 805-0055 Tailgate latch assy end dump tgl3
SKU: DT001

Dragon 805-0106 Stainless Steel Rear Fender

Dragon 5/8"x 60' Cable w/Speltor Socket - 805-0095

Dragon 5/8″x 60′ Cable w/Speltor Socket – 805-0095
SKU: CA137

Dragon 230-0036 Mud Flap - 24" x 30"

Dragon 230-0036 Mud Flap – 24″ x 30″
SKU: PR028

Guage - 2.5" Liquid Filled Guage

Dragon 805-0063 Gauge 160 PSI plg-a-63-n-b-160
SKU: HY170

Receptacle Box - 7 way

Dragon 231-0005 7 Way female w/male pins
SKU: LT335

Air Tank - Standard

Air Tank – Standard
SKU: AS002



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