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August 16, 2019

Roll Rite Tarp Systems

Dealer, Parts, Motors

Roll Rite Tarp Systems, Parts Dealer for sale at BENLEE. Call 734-722-8100 or go to our parts store and by online at:


Call us for tarp gear motors, 10122, 10120, 20120, 10360, tarp arms, parts catalog, warranty issues, to buy a control box, help with trouble hooting, motor removal, tarp motor cover and more. Roll-Rite systems for dump trucks, Dump Trailers, Roll off Trucks, Roll off Trailers, Lugger trucks. Electric tarp systems for sale near me.  10695, 19865, 46450 and more as well as 76700, 76760, 76770, and 10310, 10360, 10122, 10120, 20120. 10698 heavy duty reversing relay. Call for a parts catalog and manual to get replacement parts. We sell the key controller box and boxes as well as every arm, all arms. Roll off tarp system, replacements for sale.


Item Part No. Name Qty 1 10200 Gear Motor, Tarp Stretcher w/5 Year Warranty – S/N: TS 1 2 10122 Gear Motor, Super Duty w/5 Year Warranty – S/N: SDX 1 3 10310 Gear Motor, TarpMaster w/3 Year Warranty – S/N: TM 1 4 10360 Gear Motor, Universal Replacement w/1 Year Warranty S/N: TM_R 1 5 20120 Thru-Shaft Gear Motor 24 RPM to Fit 1″ Shaft w/5 Year Warranty 12V – S/N: HP 1 6 10180 Hydra-Lock Gear Motor w/3 Year Warranty – S/N: HYD 1


Greg Brown

Contents external_pivots 1
46450 46450 Pivot Set, 5 Spring w/ 84″ Aluminum Pivot Tube 22-1 4645D Pivot, AL External Mount 5-Spring-Drivers Side- 22-2 4645P Pivot, Al External Mount 5-Spring (Passenger) 22-3 46150 Pivot Tube, w/ side plates, set screws for 5-spr ex 22-4 46430-31 Pivot Set, 3 Spring w/ 31″ Aluminum Pivot Tube 2 4643D-31 Pivot, 3 Spring Pivot w/31″ Pivot Tube – Driver Side 3 4643P-31 Pivot, 3 Spring Pivot w/31″ Pivot Tube – Passenger Side 4 46130-31 Pivot Tube, AL 3 Spring Arm Only 31″ Tube 5 46440-60 Pivot Set, 4 Spring w/ 60″ Aluminum Pivot Tube 6 4644D-60 Pivot Drivers Side 7 4644P-60 Pivot, Pass-4 Spring Torsion AL – 60″ Pivot Tube 8 46140-60 Pivot Tube, AL 4 Spring Arm Only 60″ 9 45330 Pivot Pin, 3-Spring 10 45340 Pivot Pin 11 45350 Pivot Pin, 5-Spring 12 46440 Pivot Set, 4 Spring w/ 84″ Aluminum Pivot Tube 13 4644D Pivot, Drv-4 Spring Torsion AL 14 4644P Pivot, Pass-4 Spring Torsion AL 15 46140 Pivot Tube, AL 4 Spring Arm Only – 84″ 16 46430 Pivot Set, 3 Spring Aluminum w/ 48″ Aluminum Pivot Tube 17 4643D Pivot, 3 Spring External Mount w/ 48″ Pivot Tube – Driver Side 18 4643P Pivot, 3 Spring External Mount w/ 48″ Pivot Tube – Passenger Side 19 46130 Pivot Tube, AL 3 Spring Arm Only – 48″ 20 Appendix B:Parts Index B

Gresen Hydraulic Control Valve, Parts, Kits for Sale-BENLEE, Distributor, Dealer

August 5, 2017




Gresen parts are for sale at BENLEE. We are a Dealer, Distributor of valves, seal kits, handles and more.  We have seal its for V40, V20, V42 and more.  PTOs, Filters, 1 section, 2 section, 3 second valves all in stock for same day shipment.  We sell and stock Parker 2 spool directional valve, 3 spool directional valves.  All replacement parts are in stock, so if you are saying Where do I buy gresen seal kits, call us.  No need to research and old Gresen Catalog, just call us or buy from our online store!

When it comes to replacement parts, we make it easy for your pto pump, hydraulic pump, pump parts, directional control valves, we are a Gresen Distributor, for tractor parts, truck parts and more. Even for your


-DV 20,


-DV 35




Gresen Paker-BENLEE parts, valve

We have filter, handles, replacement parts, Paker Hannifan, gear pumps, hydraulic control valve replacement parts ready to go for your roll off trailer, roll off truck, tractor and more.





Parker Gresen V20 Valve 1 section unit

Parker Gresen V20 Valve 3 section unit Manualcontrol cylinder

Roll off Truck Parts, Roll off Trailer Parts, Dump Truck Tarps.

July 31, 2017

Roll off Truck Parts-BENLEE

Roll off Trailer Parts

Dump Trailer Parts

Roll off truck parts, Roll off Trailer Parts, and Dump Trailer Parts are for sales at BENLEE.  We have all replacement parts for, Galbreath, Galfab, American, Dragon, Palfinger, G&H, Huge Haul and more in stock.  Every tarp,Roll Rite, Pioneer, Hy-Tower Parker value, Gresen Control value, handle, motor, cylinder switch is in stock. All parts are for sale.  We are a distributor, dealer that stock, sell, roll off parts and ships 99.9 percent same day.

Greg Brown




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Roll off trailer parts for sale-Galfab-BENLEE

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Roll Rite-Tarp Systems for sale-BENLEE

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Hydraulic Cylinders-Hyco-Roll off Truck-Trailer-BENLEE Sale

Roll off Truck Trailer Parts-BENLEE-Roll Rite Tarp Systems, Gresen, Hydraulics, Distributor

April 15, 2017

Roll off Truck Trailer Parts

BENLEE Roll Rite Tarp Systems, Gresen

Hydraulics, Valve, Distributor, Dealer

Galbreath, Galfab, Dragon, American

Roll off truck and roll off trailer parts are on sale at BENLEE.  We are a dealer, Distributor for Roll Rite, Gresen, and more.  We have replacement parts for your Galbreath, Galfab, Dragon, American and more!  Roll Rite electric motors, 10200, 10120 and more.  If you are in Houston, Los Angeles, California, Texas, Ontario, Canada, Michigan, Florida, Charlotte, Colorado, call us.  We have complete Tarping System Kits, sheaves, pulleys, filters, handles and cables.  We even have Winches in stock for same day shipment, as well as cylinders, from Parker, Custom, and Hyco, all at great pricing. Call us for Gresen hydraulic control Valves, V20, v40, Galbreath 386AO, 2316W, 3431.  All for your semi roll off trailer or roll off dump trailer for pick up!  We have all the repair and replacement parts for your roll off hoist, tarping system, Winch, Dump Trailer, Dump Truck, including fenders, both steel an plastic and Tulsa Winch parts!

Greg Brown


Galbreath 386AOBENLEE Roll off AT 411

Galbreath, BENLEE Roll off

BENLEE Roll of Trailers and Trucks

Roll off Parts, BENLEE, Gresen, roll rite


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Galbreath, replacement parts, BENLEE

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Galfab Replacement Parts, BENLEE, tarps

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Roll rite, BENLEE trailers roll off

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Gresen BENLEE, Hydraulic control valve, V20, v40

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Dragon roll off parts, BENLEE


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American Roll off parts-BENLEE

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Hyco-BENLEE-Cylinders-roll off trailers trucks

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Custom Cylinders-Roll off trailers, truck


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Parker, BENLEE roll off parts hydraulic, Distributor

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Tulsa Winch Parts for sale, BENLEE, Group TWG

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