BENLEE Roll off Trailer Features & Benefits

Roll off trailers by BENLEE for sale. The below is a review of the features and benefits of BENLEE roll off trailers. Also, here is the link to review the product line:

Roll off trailers by BENLEE

Gresen Hydraulic Valve

Gresen hydraulic control valve-V40 is our main valve. Moreover, they are the best of the best when it comes to hydraulic valves. It manage high pressures and over pressures. Importantly, we have every replacement seal kit, body, handle, filter you could ever need. Most other companies use the Parker DV35 control valve, which is a good valve. Comparatively think of the DV35 as a great F150 Ford truck, the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for decades. Uniquely, the Gresen V40 is like a Hummer, nothing other the best of the best. For Gresen overview: Gresen Hydraulic Valves, filters, parts.

Gresen K-6158 Valve Link Kit.


Gresen Hydraulic Valves and Parts on BENLEE roll off trailers

Valve Mounted Inside the trailer

Importantly, our valve is mounted inside our trailer, while others have the valve mounted on the fender by the controls. Things wear. Hoses and steel lines fail. These lines feed the valve. Moreover, we know of dozens of cases where hoses fail and injurer the operator. Uniquely and importantly, BENLEE mounts the Gresen V40 valve inside the trailer and uses control rods to control the valve. This protects the operator from injury.

Hydraulic Hoses 3,000 lb., not 2,000

For decades we used great 2,000 lb. Parker hoses. Thanks to Roger at H&H Metals, now FPT, one day he showed us the Parker “Tough Cover,” 3,000 lb. hoses. They cost more, but they also last longer, which means higher uptime for our customers. Also, it means lower owning and operating costs. Broken hoses can cause major environmental problems, so these 3,000 lb. hoses reduce this from happening.

Plated Hydraulic Steel lines

Hydraulic steel lines. Rust is rust. Several years ago, we heard about trivalent chromium which when plated on steel, reduces rust. Therefore, we made the decision to go ahead and invest in this. Importantly, now all our steel lines are plated for anti-corrosion and paint adherence.

Steel Lines and Hydraulic Hoses 1″ Diameter, not 3/4″ or 1/2″

1” Steel hydraulic lines and 1” hoses. Importantly, that is our standard. Most other competitors use ¾” lines and some use ½” lines. We are the only ones in the industry that use 1” lines. Importantly, this adds to uptime and lower owning and operating costs. The 1” also adds to the speed of the hoist, because of the faster flow of oil, which adds to productivity.

Pulleys and Sheaves 12″, not 10″ or 8″

Sheaves/Pulleys. The industry standard is 10” diameter pulleys. Also, some use 8” and others even 5”. BENLEE standard is 12”, making BENLEE again unique by having this standard. Uniquely, like the 1” hydraulic hoses the 12” sheaves make BENLEE hoist faster.

Machine Grooves in Pulleys, not rough cast iron

We also have our sheave groove machined, so the surfaces are as smooth as can be which helps the life of the cable. Others have the groove as a cast iron part with a rough surface that put stress and wear on the cable.

Tie Down Straps 48,000 lb. Breaking Strength, not 20,000 lb.

Tie Down straps in the industry for most companies are 20,000 lb. breaking strength, which is 6,600 lb. working load. Until recently, BENLEE had 40,000 lb. breaking strength and 13,200 lb. working load. A suppler approached us with a higher grade 48,000 lb. and 15,840 lb. working load. Importantly, that is not our standard. Uniquely, we have ratchet straps that are 2.4 TIMES what most companies use. We know of one competitor that says they use 6,000 lb. straps, so 1,980 working load.

Ratchet Strap Guides

A strap guide is a small rod we weld to the top of the ratchet. It aligns the strap as it come out and it stops the hook from smacking against the frame of the trailer when it is not being used. This is an exclusive BENLEE feature, standard on all our trailers and trucks.

Becket, not Cable Clamps

A becket is used by BENLEE on all our units to hold the cable in place. They have been used in crane industry for decades. A becket holds a cable with more power, and it makes it easier to change. All others use multiple cable clamps with little nuts that must be unscrewed. A becket was used on the special ½ mile long cable to bring the Chilean miners up in 2010.

Rollers with Grease Grooves in the Bronze Bushing

All BENLEE rollers, sheaves, pulleys have grease grooves in the bronze bushings. This is great news for our customers and sad news for BENLEE. Our rollers and sheaves and pulleys last a long time meaning higher uptime and lower costs. Therefore, this is bad for BENLEE in that we sell less rollers and sheaves.

Rollers mounted with roll pins not cotter pins

Pin through tube design is how we mount our rollers. This means the roller is on a pin that goes right through the entire tube and is welded to the other side of the tube. This means companies like Galbreath have their roller assembly like 386AO and 381AO break off when hit extremely hard. You then must weld it back on. With BENLEE the pins do not snap, so nothing to break off, so longer life, less maintenance.

Dragon, Galbreath, Galfab, American use Cotter Pins

Dragon, Galbreath, Galfab and more, use cotter pins to hold their rollers on the pins, to keep them in place. Moreover, cotter pins can shear and snap under the right conditions. Uniquely, BENLEE uses roll pins to keep the roller in place. Considering that, we do not have cotter pins that shear off.

Greaseable side rollers

Greaseable side rollers on our reeving slide plate. A unique BENLEE feature not found on anyone else’s units. Not Galbreath, Dragon, ACE (American Carrier Equipment) or other, so longer life, less maintenance.

Tail Up Sensor

Tail up sensor: Addiionally is something only BENLEE has. A trailer with a retractable tail is an important design. Moreover, it is critical that when the trailer is operating the rear bumper is locked in place. Again, like other features BENLEE uniquely has a sensor to know if the bumper is in place. If not, a light flashes, warning the driver. Safety is #1

Tail Out sensor

Tail Out sensor. An equally critical issue is that in models with an extendable tail, it is dangerous and not legal to drive with the tail out. BENLEE uses the tail up, hoist up light. We have a tail out sensor making the light flash, to make our trailers the safest and highest uptime in the industry.

Hose Protection sleeves

Another feature of our trailers is hose protection sleeves. While we have hard pipe in much of our trailers, we do have the 3,000 lb. hoses we discussed above. At times though we do have hoses that are in contact with one another. When that happens, there is wear. Equally important, like other features, we have protection sleeves on these hoses to protect them.

Protected hoses and steel lines in the frame. Others have hoses and steel lines on the outside of the trailers which can be hit by materials. Moreover, falling material or other equipment can hit these hydraulic lines on the outer frame. BENLEE does not have these exterior mounted lines.


Parker Hydraulic fittings are the standard at BENLEE. Moreover, this means that you can buy the parts for you BENLEE trailer anywhere in the world. Not to mention, hoses, valves, connectors, seal kits, sections, bodies are all available anywhere.

Parker now owns Gresen hydraulic valve parts, so Parker dealers sell the parts like the 6158-D Link and pin kit 12732001. Also, 12729001 valve handle bracket, 1576-001 filter housing and 1575-001 filter post seal. Additionally, a valve handle K-42-VH-B-174 08650174 and 01478001 K-S-CLV valve handle clevis are all for sale at BENLEE’s online parts store. Roll off Truck and Trailer Parts Store.


A feature we made standard several years ago, was a hydraulic pressure gauge. This then speeds the trouble shooting of our units and helps ensure optimum performance from your BENLEE trailer. This stops the having to get tools, removing a plug, and screwing in a gauge. Then when done removing the gauge and reinstalling the plug.

Warning Electrocution Safety Sign

Warning Electrocution sign. Sadly, when dark and/or additionally when an operator is careless or not trained well, they raise the hoist and hit power lines. When power lines get hit, people can be killed. Due to that we have developed and mounted a large WARNING-DANGER sign that is mounted right by the controls, to warn the driver to look up. Importantly, these signs that cost us about $25 with the bracket are almost FREE ($.01) at our online parts store.

Axles 25,000 lbs., not 22,500 lbs.

All our axles are rated at 25,000 lbs. Yes, many others have the same, but some have 22,500 lb. axles. Our heavy-duty axles that put up with abuse and overloads, so longer life, less maintenance, higher uptime, less cost.

Holland Landing Gear

Holland Landing Gear, Mark V is what we use on all our heavy-duty trailers. These are rated at 200,000 lbs. load. We use Holland 150,000 lb. load landing gear on some of our other non-extreme service trailers, like the Super Mini. Holland Landing Gear Store

Axles 102″ wide

The industry standard for axles is 96” wide and that was our standard until about 5 years ago. Uniquely, BENLEE has a different standard. 102” wide axles. Wider axles bring more stability and correspondingly more safety. Loads can shift while driving. Drivers may go to fast around a curve, which of course is not safe. 102” wide axles bring a bit more stability to reduce problems. Safety is #1 at BENLEE.

Axles with 5-year sealed hubs-no oil

For decades, the standard was axles you had lean down, pull off the little rubber plug, put your finger in and check the oil level. No more with BENLEE trailers. We have 5-year sealed hubs using a high-quality synthetic grease. This is a major labor saving and protects your axles.



We have several types of fenders at BENLEE. A key is to optimize function, need and weight. On our extreme heavy-duty trailers, like our 7 and 8 axle units, we have heavy diamond plate fenders. Furthermore, on our trailers that are optimized for being heavy duty and carrying a lot of material we have a lighter diamond plate. Importantly, on some of our specialized units we have stainless steel and aluminum, to save weight and to be corrosion resistant.


Fenders Plastic

Plastic fenders are always an option, and they are in stock at BENLEE. We even stock plastic fenders for Galbreath, Galfab, American, Palfinger and more. Galfab PP 27 and furthermore, Galbreath 80PP27B are both in stock.


Wheel Checks

Trailer and truck tires have been known to come off vehicles while on the highways and kill people. Drivers get lazy, there are inexperienced drivers, equipment gets switched around and people do not check the torque of nuts. Uniquely, BENLEE has as standard, “Wheel Checks.” These are highly viable (bright, light green), arrows with a loop that is placed over the wheel nuts, pointing to the next nut. This means when a nut comes loose the arrow rotates and you can visually see when a nut has come loose.


Work lights

As an option we can install work lights on the bumper and or the side of the trailer. This of course is great for night work. As standard, we provide work lights on the top of tarp systems to help with safety. Roll Rite, Pioneer, Donovan, U.S. Tarp. Mountain tarp and more.

Auto Tire inflation systems

We Highly Recommend these systems, which keeps tires inflated when they get a leak due some type of nail, piece of metal, etc. Also, they sense when there is overheating at the axle bearings. The system:

-Reduces fires of vehicles or fires on roadside/brush, due to shredded tires, as rims throw sparks and less accidents.

-Less Road Service calls; saves money, due to less flats

-Reduction in DOT fines for flat tires

-Less axle damage

-Longer tire life, saves money

-Better fuel mileage, saves money

-Increased ability to recap tires (casings are not destroyed), saves money

Frankly, we think they are a ‘no brainer.’ Here is the link to the site of the company that makes the system. PSI Auto Tire inflation

Auto Grease systems

Roll off trailers and roll off trucks will last for decades if you take care of them. These are heavy-duty vehicles and if you grease them weekly or more, the rollers and sheaves/pulleys, pins will last for years. Some companies choose to not manually grease their trailers. We can install an automatic grease system that goes to 99% of the grease points on the vehicle. Groeneveld auto grease systems are the units we use.

Air Ride

Spring suspensions are standard on our roll off trailers, Gondola trailers and pup trailers. Reyco and Hutchenson are the two main suspensions we use. Air ride units are more comfortable for the driver. One can also use the air gauge to understand about how much weight you are carrying.


Grease Point Stickers

Greasing the rollers and pulleys, sheaves, landing gear, tarp systems and more, are key to minimal maintenance. Having these heavy-duty roll off trucks, lugger trucks, gondola trailer and roll off pup trailers, last a long time means grease is critical. We provide grease point stickers next to every grease point, so your team can easily see where to grease the trailers and trucks.


Importantly, maintenance is the #1 thing you can do to keep your roll off trailer and lugger truck on the road. A key to doing it correctly is understanding how often to do it. Furthermore, we make that easy. Every trailer we make comes with a hub-o-meter so you can understand the correct intervals of greasing and tightening bolts.


Aluminum Rims

Every pound makes a difference in fuel consumption and in how much you can carry in our roll off trailers, gondola trailers and more. Aluminum rims save about 120 lbs. per axle of 4 rims. That means 240 lbs. on a tandem axle, 360 lbs. on a triaxle and while rare, 480 on a quad axle and so on. BENLEE trailers last about 30+ years. Aluminum rims mean carrying less weight for decades.


Roll off trailers really do not need a toolbox, but some people like to have them. Therefore, as an option we sell steel and aluminum toolboxes from about 24” long to 48” long.


Dead Man brake button

Getting in and out of a day cap (tractor/truck) is one of the keyways people get hurt. With most company’s roll off trailers, the operator, sets the truck parking brake and then goes out and sets the trailer brake. When done, he gets back into the truck and releases the truck brake. After that he picks up the box. On most BENLEE trailers, you just set the trailer brake and then pick up the box using the dead man button to release the trailer parking brake.

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