Crushed Car Trailer Standard Specifications

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS: Local use, utility, medium range and highway
RECOMMENDED INDUSTRIES: Solid waste, environmental, municipalities, general/scrap recycling, industrial waste, organic waste, agriculture products and waste

Three-Sided Trailers Specifications

  • 48′ to 53′ Long
  • Double or Single Drop 8″ or 16″ Drop
  • 102″ Wide Axles
  • 80,000# Bridge Legal
  • 10 Gauge Floors, 12 Gauge Walls
  • Top Tube 6″ x 4″ x 1/4″ ASTM 500
  • Ladders on driver’s side
  • 25,000# rated axles w/ sealed synthetic grease wheel bearings
  • ABS brakes with Secondary in-line filter for added warranty
  • LED lights
  • Truck-Lite “Plug and Play” wiring harness
  • Steel wheels with “WHEEL CHECK” for safety
  • Fluid Containment System
  • Winches and straps with D-rings (7)
  • Mud Flap attachment system “SLIP-FLAP”

When it comes to the best crushed car hauling trailers, BENLEE tops the list. They stand out because of their heavy-duty trailers that are fast to load, making them the preferred choice for businesses.

Heavy Duty

BENLEE designs its trailers with rugged strength in mind. They know how vital durability is in the hauling industry, and they ensure their trailers meet the test. Heavy-duty steel construction makes BENLEE trailers withstand the rigors of demanding loads. Despite this toughness, BENLEE doesn’t compromise on ease of use. Their trailers are quick to load, letting you get back on the road in no time.

But BENLEE’s attention to detail doesn’t stop at just strength and speed. They understand that every business has unique needs, and they offer options to match. You can customize your trailer with gates or a curtain system. Gates offer extra security, while a curtain system helps speed up loading and unloading times.

Multiple Sizes

Size matters when it comes to hauling crushed cars, and BENLEE knows this. They offer the most sought-after trailer sizes in the industry: 48′ and 53′. These sizes strike the perfect balance between capacity and maneuverability, giving you just the space you need without compromising on handling.

Stability is another area where BENLEE shines. They design their trailers with 102″ wide axles instead of the standard 96″. This extra width provides added stability, ensuring your load stays safe and secure during transit.

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of any hauling operation, and BENLEE has this covered. Their axles have sealed hubs filled with a 5-year synthetic grease. This feature saves you from the task of regular oil checks, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Even with such high-quality construction and design, BENLEE doesn’t stop there. They also offer features to prolong the life of your trailer and keep you safer on the road. One such feature is a secondary air filter in the ABS system that extends your warranty by an impressive 100,000 miles. This shows BENLEE’s commitment to delivering long-lasting value to their customers.

Safety Is #1

BENLEE also takes safety seriously. That’s why they provide Wheel Checks as standard. These tools make it easy to check if your lug nuts need tightening, helping prevent potential wheel problems down the line.

In conclusion, BENLEE stands out as the best place to buy a crushed car hauling trailer. Their trailers are not just tough and fast to load but also customizable, stable, and easy to maintain. With added features to extend your warranty and enhance safety, BENLEE is the clear choice. Their focus on delivering quality, efficiency, and peace of mind sets them apart in the industry. So, for a reliable, hard-working trailer, choose BENLEE. You won’t be disappointed.

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