Support and Services


Specifications is a great place to see data on tank sizes, pressures, and colors. Tank size ranges from 60 gallons for our Super Mini, to 100 gallons for the BridgeMaster. Roll off stank sizes varies for sizes and numbers of cylinders. Also, listed are pressures of the hydraulic valve as well as flow rates. Lastly, there are all the standard colors, then it includes the higher upcharge colors.

Service & Repair

Service & Repair are key services at BENLEE. The team is ready Monday-Friday 6:00 AM-4:30PM to support your roll off trailer and roll off truck needs. Projects from complete rebuilds to cable replacement are services we provide. Quality of service is key to us as the team works on your heavy duty units.

Frame Straightening

Frame Straightening is sadly a fact of life. Vehicles get into accidents. BENLEE is ready to make the repairs to get you back on the road. The process we use does not involve heat, which helps maintain the integrity of your units. Despite BENLEE vehicles being heavy duty, they still can twist when in a serious accident. Quality of service is key to what we do.

Hydraulic Hose Repair

Hydraulic hose repair can be done while you wait. Visit us at 30383 Ecorse Road, Romulus, Michigan, 48174. Every hose, clamp fitting are ready to complete your repair. Of course, heavy duty 3,000 lbs. hoses are in stock. Repair your roll off dumpster trailer at BENLEE.

Operations Training

Operations Training can be done at our site or yours. Call our team to discuss your needs. Safety is key to all we do, as we work to ensure the highest quality. Train on the BENLEE standard roll off trailer that you run.

Rent a roll off trailer or lugger truck

Rent a roll off trailer or lugger truck can be arranged as BENLEE’s team works with Premier Truck Sales and Rental. Single box trailers as well as lugger trucks are for rent. These trailers for rent are like all else we do. High quality and heavy duty, to support your needs.

Operations Manuals

Operations Manuals for Roll-Off Trailers, your essential guide to understanding and operating our specialized equipment. This manual offers detailed instructions, safety guidelines, and maintenance procedures to ensure optimal performance and safety standards.