Huge Haul Lugger Truck, Heil, BENLEE Lugger, Load Lugger for sale

Huge Haul Lugger Truck, Heil, BENLEE Lugger, Load Lugger for sale. BENLEE acquired Huge Haul, who had acquired Heil’s Lugger trucks. See our website for more information: Huge Haul Lugger trucks BENLEE.  Of course, you can call us at 734-722-8100 to answer your questions. Moreover, you can also request a quote right from our site, to replace the Heil Lugger, or Huge Haul lugger you have: Heil lugger, Huge Haul lugger Request a quote.  This means that BENLEE now manufacturers and sells the Load Lugger (TM), lugger truck line.

Huge Haul Lugger Truck, Heil, BENLEE Lugger Truck, Load Lugger

Moreover, we have the best support in the industry, complete with a 24/7 emergency phone number and a comprehensive online parts store: Lugger truck parts for sale. Of course, all the things you know about BENLEE that make it great are now incorporated into our lugger trucks. Also, BENLEE is at 30383 Ecorse Rd., Romulus, MI., 48174. If you are in the area, stop and see us. Furthermore, while our units do see to last forever, sorry, we rarely have used lugger trucks for sale.

Load Lugger (TM)

Load Lugger (TM), is a BENLEE trademark. It dates back to Brooks Engineering who invented the lugger truck. All units we manufacture are heavy duty, with low owning and operating costs and high uptime. Brooks Engineering was the #1 company in the industry and now BENLEE is the #1 lugger company in the U.S. and Canada, so if you have an ACE, Converto or Universal, call us at 734-722-8100 for a quote. Also, if you are looking for just a hoist, call us.

Tarp systems, Roll Rite, Pioneer, Aero, Donavan, U.S. Tarp

Roll Rite, Pioneer, Aero, Donavan and more are all for sale at BENLEE. Moreover, you can buy Roll Rite tarp parts and systems right here on our store: Roll Rite Parts store.

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Heil lugger truck, Huge Haul Lugger Truck
Huge Haul Lugger truck, Heil Lugger by BENLEE

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