Frequently Asked Questions

Every unit from our tandem axle Super Mini to our Michigan only 154,000 GVW vehicles have the exact same axles, control valve, hoses, rollers, cables and more. See the U.S. based product line on our website: U.S. Product line.
People use roll-off trucks because they are short and maneuverable. Our vehicles are known to be 40’ and up to 50’, but the Super Mini is only 25’ 11”. That makes it only 1’ longer than a roll off truck, when behind a day cab, but it carries more weight. With FET and tarp system it costs about $86,000 and a tri-axle truck is about $270,000+. Save $186K if have an underutilized day cab. Of course, the Super Mini carries more weight legally.
We like to think of the BridgeMaster as a Ford F-250 and a Conventional as a Hummer. The BridgeMaster in a 40’ (not 41’) has the longest bridge in the industry for a trailer in this category. This 80,000 GVW unit at 16,900 lbs., and its long bridge, carries the most weight legally, vs. any framed or frameless trailer in the market. About 45K lbs. The Conventional at 22,500 lbs, can be over permitted to 102,000 it can carries 40K lbs.+++
This is a great 33’ unit that in a triaxle is a terrific 77,500 lbs., so it carries a great about 43,000 lbs. As written, it is all the same components as even our 154,000 GVW trailers. This roll-off trailer, like all our others, has 102” wide axles, for added stability and safety.
Everyone else in the industry uses 3/4" inch hoses and 3/4" steel lines. We use 1" hoses and 1” steel lines, meaning our hoses and steel line have 33% more flow. This significantly increases uptime and maintenance costs. Also, all others use standard hard pipe. Our company plates these line with Chromium Trivalent for corrosion resistance and paint adherence. Related, all our hoses are 3,000 lbs. psi. Most others use 2,000 lbs. Together this means we have higher uptime and lower costs.
All our rollers and sheaves have bronze bushings like our competitors, but BENLEE has grease grooves in our bushings. This means they hold more grease, meaning they last longer. Also, all others use 8" or 10" pulleys/sheaves. BENLEE has 12" sheaves. This significantly larger diameter helps the speed of your system. It also means our sheaves and pulleys will have longer life, so higher uptime and lower cost to own and operate.
Yes. We have an online parts store at: Online Parts Store, or call 734-722-8100 to place an order. The rollers, pins, sheaves, pulleys, etc., that you need are in stock at the best prices. This includes rollers like the 386AO, 381AO and even fenders like 80PP27B. Roll off straps, winch straps are in stock as well, at the best prices! Tarp systems and tarp system parts are all in stock as well. We are a dealer, distributor or roll-off truck parts.
Yes. Again, you can go to our online store or call us at 734-722-8100. Pioneer parts like the A3881KIT Arm pivot pin kit, HR4752 cylinder are in stock. Of course, we also have the Roll-Rite 76760 bow tube, 76800 casting corner and 10200 gear motor. All ship the same day if we get the order before 3:30 PM. Also, you can visit us at BENLEE, 30383 Ecorse Road, Romulus, MI., 48174 to pick up the parts you need. Moreover, we can ship next day air, so you can have the parts the next day.
Yes. 48' and 53' long and 8' high walls are the most popular. Of course, we make custom sizes as well. 99.9% of the units we make have walls and floors of Hardox (TM), which is a special high strength steel. This means we make the units light, but heavy duty and high quality. Importantly, this allows them to carry the most weight possible and have high uptime. Also, like our other trailers they have 102" wide axles. Moreover, instead of a 'stitch' weld at the bottom wall as it meets the frame, we have a continuous weld for longer life.
BENLEE purchased Huge Haul, who had acquired Heil's lugger truck line. This means that Load Lugger (TM), is now a BENLEE brand. Lugger hoists are now a key product for us. 50,000 lb. lugger hoists are the most popular at this time, but we make other models as well. All are heavy duty for those wet, heavy loads. Call us for a quote when you are looking for a lugger truck. Also, if you are looking for a used lugger or a rental, call: Premier Truck Sales and Rental.
No but Environmental Rental Services has them in stock. Rent by the month or year and even sign up for a rent to own program. The heavy duty, but light units are designed to carry the most weight possible. Furthermore, they are the Safest and the highest uptime two container trailers in the industry. Call any of their locations or call James Stewart on 225-450-7802. Call this morning and have a unit this afternoon!
Of course! Both live (wet) trailers with full hydraulics are part of our product line. Of course, we also manufacture a full line of dead (dry) pup trailers, which is just a set of rails, with no hydraulics. The standard is usually two axle units but of course we can do four axles more. All are heavy duty and ready to support you in ways to double your load. Moreover, we can install tarping systems for these pup trailers so call us for a quote.
Yes, we sell to both. Canada has special SPIF laws, which we follow. To see our main Canadian units, see this link: Canadian roll-off trailers. Of course, we also make gondola trailers, which are called scows by many in Canada. Most want these units in a triaxle, which we make. Furthermore, all our products are sandblasted before priming, then primed and painted with an epoxy paint, so they protect your units in the tough environment. Mexico uses many of the U.S. laws so there is not a big issue in how we build for you in Mexico.