Gondola Trailers, Scrap Haulers Are In Stock at BENLEE

Gondola trailers, scrap haulers are in stock at BENLEE. Call us for a quote at 734-722-8100. Also, you can request a quote online at: Gondola Trailer Request For Quote.

Gondola Trailer, Scrap Haulers are in stock at BENLEE

Moreover, at BENLEE we are working hard to support the market with trailers. Lead times have been over 4 months at times, but we developed a special production line for these units. We also worked hard to ensure supply of Hardox (TM), the special steel used for these units. Furthermore, while you can get our gondola trailers in almost any color, the stock units are black. Also, they are 48′ long with 8′ high walls. Of course, we can make them in any size, but 48′ is the most common, followed by 53′. Also, customers buy 40′, 45′ and more. Call us as we wrote for a quote.

Scrap hauler trailer

Of course, these are heavy-duty trailers. Importantly though, they are light because the walls and floors are made from thin, high strength steel called Hardox (TM). Moreover, this is very special steel that puts up with the tough applications in Metal Recycling and demolition environments. Also, for a complete overview of our Gondola trailers see our website: Gondola trailer, Scrap Hauler, Open Top Trailer. Moreover, safety and uptime, with low owning and operating costs are important to us. Therefore, we use components like 102″ wide axles, vs. 96″ for added stability. Also, our axles have sealed hubs with 5 year life synthetic grease.

Pioneer tarps, Roll Rite tarps, Aero, Donovan and more

Moreover, we have tarps and tarp systems for your roll off trailers. You can buy systems or parts at our online parts store for companies like Pioneer: Mountain Tarp Pioneer Parts store. Also, you can buy Roll Rite: Roll Rite. Of course, at our store you can buy Donovan, Aero and others.

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Gondola Trailer for sale at BENLEE
Gondola trailer, scrap hauler in stock at BENLEE

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