Scrap Metal, Commodities, Recycling & Economic Report

Scrap Metal, Commodities, Recycling & Economic Report. Data is important to all our jobs and businesses. This is a weekly report that is done to keep our customer base up issue that affect their companies.

About Us

About Us, is the story of BENLEE and we are about today. Also, included is the acquisition of DUNRIGHT and Huge Haul. Huge Haul brought the Load Lugger (TM) line of lugger trucks to the company. These are heavy duty as well as highest quality units.


BENLEE News is place to look for our latest announcements of what is happening. New roll off trailer models, new features that make us more heavy duty and higher quality and more. Also, read about our roll-off dumpster trailers and our standard rail roll off trailer.


History, is the story of the beginning of the company building heavy duty, high quality trailers. It tells how we moved into gondola trailers and the Huge Haul story. Of course, it includes when Huge Haul acquired Heil luggers. Related, now the TCT, two container is one of BENLEE’s bestselling dumpster trailers. Also, note that Huge Haul, brought us the Load Lugger™, brand.

Roll-Off Trailers

Roll-Off Trailers for sale at BENLEE. We also manufacture Trucks, Dump Trailers & Trucks and Crushed Car Haulers/Carriers.

The BENLEE Advantage

BENLEE Advantage, tells the story of our product. Safety, heavy duty, and high quality are key. This includes the best in axles, hydraulics, valves, cylinders and more. Related, we support our products with a 24/7 help line at 734-722-8100.


Financing, is supported by companies we team with. Finance your trailer, lugger truck, gondola or even your two container units. We work to team with companies to offer you the best rates.


Employment-Help wanted, is the section to see what jobs are open. The company pays top dollar and is looking for the best of the best to build our roll offs, luggers and more. We are always looking for skilled welders to build our dumpster vehicles.


Testimonials show that we really do support the market. Customers love heavy duty, high quality roll offs, lugger trucks as well as the gondolas we build. Of course, they love the roll off truck parts store.