BENLEE Roll Off Trailer History

BENLEE has its roots going back more than 50 years, when Bill Wolok began working in the scrap industry. He later had a fleet of trucks including roll off trailers. Also, he had 25 to 30 trucks in operation at any one time. Soon, inquiries came in from scrap & waste businesses in need of truck and trailer parts. Also, for used rolloff trailers and trucks and various other equipment. Each time a new need became apparent, Wolok found a way to meet it. By the 70’s roll offs as well as rolloff trucks were becoming popular. Moreover, Wolok became involved in the distribution end of a friend’s roll-on/rolloff business.

BENLEE in the 1970s

About a year into that endeavor, Wolok said to his friend, “I’ve got more orders than you can build in the next year.” That is when the blueprints were handed to Wolok, and the business built its first rolloff in 1974. At first, Wolok found fabricators to make roll-off trailers and trucks for the company. But it became apparent that quality control would be significantly better if Wolok took full control of fabrication as well as assembly. To do that, the company opened a roll off as well as a Dump Trailer and Truck manufacturing facility.

Romulus, Michigan

Moreover, it was in Romulus (near Detroit), Michigan, close to major Interstates I-75 and I-94, where quality is now monitored up close. The company sits on nineteen acres and has about 32,000 square feet of facilities that house manufacturing. Also, it has 5 Service bays, 2 Frame Straightening bays, and a spare parts business. We sell used roll offs as well. In-house manufacturing was the most important turn for the company. This was because it brought together an experienced crew of trailer and truck experts. Moreover, they design, build, service and support the best roll offs, dump trucks, and trailers. Also, they sell crushed car carriers and other specialty vehicles.


As 2004 rolled around and Wolok became 75 years old, he met Greg Brown, a veteran of the automotive industry, dealing with the highest quality companies supplying vehicle parts and equipment to assemble vehicles. His customers were not only the “Big Three”, but other companies also known for quality such as Toyota as well as Mercedes. As Brown says, “Bill and I hit it off right away. Bill’s drive for customer responsiveness and delivering the best quality product possible is the way I was trained while working at companies like GE and Honeywell.

BENLEE bought by Greg Brown

As someone once said, I liked the company so much, I bought it”. Brown continues with, “Our focus remains on the customer and how we can improve their profitability by developing new products and services that surpass their needs. It is about keeping our customer’s costs down while of course, improving their uptime”.


In 2011, our company was contacted by DUNRIGHT about, which ended up in an acquisition, by BENLEE. DUNRIGHT had been a great company known for heavy duty, high uptime units.

Huge Haul, Heil Luggers bought by BENLEE

In 2016, BENLEE was called to contact Huge Haul, whom years earlier had purchased Heil’s Lugger Truck, Load Lugger™ Business.

BENLEE is one company that needs few words to further their proven quality history. In fact, as an example they were chosen to build eighteen specially equipped trailers to assist in an eight-year government clean-up project. Although they were not the cheapest in the line of bids, their reputation spoke for them. Those eighteen units were shipped 2,400 miles to the site. Along with their U.S. customers, our company’s units also reach Thailand, South Africa, Equator, Middle East, Puerto Rico, and South America.

Roll off trailer rental with Premier Truck Sales and Rental

Because demand is always increasing, they now have entered the rental business for Roll off trailers. Rent Roll Offs from the company or their partner Premier. Wolok also moved quickly to support his customers when a Federal Law began, requiring increased containment of crushed cars. Moreover, this was as they travel the highways. Our team developed a crushed car trailer, with either gates or a BENLEE patented tarp system that is now being made by Mountain Tarp.

Premier Truck Sales and rental

Besides offering quality trailers, custom designs, taking trade-ins, and providing rental roll-off trailers as well as lugger trucks, through Premier Truck Sales & Rental, BENLEE takes customer satisfaction one step further. Most of their customers are ‘truckers’; however, when someone does not know much about operating one of these vehicles, BENLEE offers training. BENLEE will personally train individuals or groups. Training videos are also available online.

Roll off truck parts store

BENLEE has also branched out into a major supplier of Roll off Truck Parts: Roll off trailer store.  Roll off trailer parts like Galbreath roll off parts. Also, dump truck parts and tarp system parts, so we are now a major Dealer, Distributor of Roll-Rite, and Pioneer. Also, Gresen, Parker, Meritor, Reyco Granning and more. Moreover, we are supplying parts for Galbreath roll off trucks and Galbreath roll off trailers, Dragon, Galfab, and Kpac. Also, for American, Palfinger, Converto, Universal, Huge Haul, Heil and more for replacement cables, and rollers. Moreover, we have for hydraulic valves, cylinders, straps, ratchets, seal kits and more. Parts can now be purchased 24/7 at the BENLEE store website: Roll off store.

Lastly, through smart engineering and customer input they are creating product enhancements. Moreover, they are bringing even more value to their customers. BENLEE is a Growth and Value story supporting thousands of units built over the past 52+ years and looking forward to the next 50+ years.

Benlee Roll off Trailer