BENLEE Roll Off Trailers

About Us

Roll off trailers, roll off trucks, crushed car trailers, dump trailers, open top gondolas is what we do. For more than 40 years we have been the leader in manufacturing roll off trailers. Also, we lead in roll off trucks, dump trailers, dump trucks and crushed car trailers. They are used throughout the scrap processing, trash, hazardous waste, demolition, construction, and recycling industries. Some people call our products-“roll off dump trailers”. These are part of the roll off trailer and roll-off truck line that we manufacture and sell.

BENLEE is a full service company that has a major manufacturing operation. Also, as we have a replacement parts operation where they have a complete line of parts. Moreover, we have parts for BENLEE, Galbreath, Galfab, American, Palfinger, as well as Dragon. Also, we have hydraulic cylinders, sheaves (cable pulley), pins, cables, rollers, and valves. Also, we have Chelsea and Muncie PTOs, winches-Tulsa, Timbren, etc. Moreover, we sell standard brake pads and springs are in stock. BENLEE sells only the best, so as an example each sheave and roller has bronze bushings. Moreover, our large hydraulic cylinders are mostly from Hyco as well as Parker, also our wire rope cable is 7/8″. The Company also has a comprehensive service operation where they do simple service and repair projects. Importantly, we do complete ground up rebuilds of preowned units for customers and resale. This could include complete repacking or replacement of each hydraulic cylinder on the unit. Frame straightening is a major service they offer. Another service they provide is working with Premier Truck Sales in Cleveland. Together we offer trailer rental, by the week, month, or year.

Since the company’s inception in 1967, BENLEE has grown to become the number one roll off manufacturer in North America. Moreover, the company has shipped to 48 States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Cayman Islands, etc.

The company introduced its original roll-offs over about 50 years ago. Subsequently, the corporation has expanded its lineup of roll offs to include six styles as well as thirty models. Tarp parts and systems from Roll-Rite, Pioneer, Aero, Donovan, U.S. Tarp are all in stock at the best price! If you are in Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, California or more, call us.

Not content to remain in its place, BENLEE plans to continue adding new designs to its already comprehensive line of products. This allowed the company to remain the world’s No. 1 manufacturer of roll offs.

Safety, quality, customer satisfaction and uptime of equipment are BENLEE’s main priorities. The company can handle virtually any roll off truck, roll off trailer, dump or crushed car trailer application.

In addition to doing quite a bit of custom design work, new designs are always being tested. The units are always evaluated in real applications before they are entered into the market. BENLEE’s current list is extensive and includes seven styles, 33+ models. They offer everything from 26 to 53 foot units. Also, they offer two to eight axles, and one-box and two-box rolloff models. Also, the company is not only in the manufacturing business, but they also sell used units. Because of the wealth of experience represented at BENLEE, we look at buying used units when possible as trade ins. Another important aspect of the company is the Service operation. BENLEE not only services what they sell, but they also repair and upgrade competitors’ rolloffs. They rebuild and repair from companies such as Accurate, American, Dunright, ESP, and E-Z Pack. Moreover, from Galbreath, Galfab, G & H and McClain vehicles. Together with the nationally recognized parts operation led by Brian Lucas, this means BENLEE has three Integrated Departments:

1) Design and build of roll off trailers, trucks and dumps, as well as crushed car trailers

2) A major customer based service operation that does everything from a simple brake job to a complete rebuild. This includes after a competitor’s or BENLEE unit has been in an accident.

3) A nationally recognized parts operation that has a complete line of rolloff and dump parts. Furthermore, this includes lift and reeving hydraulic cylinders, sheaves/pulleys, pins, roll off straps, tarps, etc.

The company has become a leader in the scrap and metal recycling industry. Moreover, they are gaining position in the trash and waste industries. This is due to their great products that have very high uptime. Also, they are supported by a parts operation that ships 99%+ of their orders within hours. This support makes our customers highly profitable because they can rely on BENLEE. Customers rely on them to support them and keep their vehicles running. Based on this world class support, we keep metal recycling waste companies. This includes Commercial Metals Company, Gershow Recycling, OmniSource, Republic Waste and Waste Management. We also keep trucking companies running like Berner Trucking, TLC along with TMS Trucking, among the best in the industry, due to the great reliability as well uptime of BENLEE products.