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Roll off trailers

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Buy a Roll off trailer, Roll off Truck, Roll off Hoist, and Gondola Trailer at BENLEE.

Moreover, we sell Dump Trucks, Dump Trailers, Lugger Trucks, and Crushed Car Trailers. Of course, roll off containers are our business too. Also, BENLEE at times may have a used roll off dumpster trailer for sale.

• Want to save money and be more productive?
• Carry more weights legally?
• Get into cramped areas that your customers ask you to get into?
• Need a roll off truck?

We manufacture the best roll off hoists in the business. BENLEE ships roll off trailers from Maine to California and Alaska to Florida. Of course, we ship to Canada and Mexico as well.

Buy a Super Mini Roll-off truck replacement, roll off dumpster trailer instead. It is almost as short as a roll off truck, carries more weight, gets into a tighter spot and costs less than a good used roll off truck.

Want to get a used roll off truck but do not have $100,000+?


Roll off trailer markets

Canada, Mexico, and other international markets are important to us for roll off dump trailers, pups, a two container rolloff trailer and more. BENLEE has fleets of units in both countries and in places like Aruba, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, South Africa, Ecuador and more. Moreover, we can help you with the weight laws by Canadian Province (SPIF laws) or by country. This includes, we are ready to support all companies in all countries with your heavy duty high quality trailer needs!

Canada a main market for BENLEE

For more information on rolloff trailers for the Canadian market see Canadian roll-off trailers. We are the manufacturer of roll off dumpster trailers for the Canadian market, located about four miles from the Canadian/U.S. border in Michigan. We ship to Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. Also, we sell to dozens of companies in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, and Edmonton. Also, many other cities run the best: a BENLEE roll off trailer, open top gondola trailer, scrap hauler, pup and more! We are a roll off dump trailer manufacturer in Michigan that ships around the world.

Roll off truck, Roll off trailer parts Store

Roll off trailer parts, Lugger truck and Tarp Systems Store is where we support all our products with a rolloff trailer, roll off truck, and dump truck store. Also, we have a lugger truck parts department in the store. Moreover, the store stocks hydraulic cylinders and sheaves. Furthermore, we stock fenders, cables, pullies, tarps, valves, arms, straps, winches, ratchets, tarps, motors and roll-off rollers.

Additionally, we stock Neway suspension products as well as Gresen and Parker hydraulic valves, Hyco, Custom Hoist and Tulsa Winch. Also, we have Pioneer Tarp Parts, Roll Rite Tarp PartsGalbreath roll off parts and Galfab. Likewise, we have Dragon roll off parts, Huge Haul, Load Lugger ™, Heil, and American Roll off parts. Equally, we have roll off truck parts for Palfinger, Stellar, Converto, Accurate, DUNRIGHT, G&H, TBL and Roll offs USA. We are open Monday-Friday 6:00AM-4:30 PM EST.

Lastly, we rebuild complete units and hoist systems from the ground up, meaning we do Frame Straightening, dump truck repair, truck frame repair.

BENLEE History

For more than 40 years, BENLEE has been the top name in the industry that manufacturers the best roll off dumpster trailer and rolloff trucks. BENLEE’s 42,000 square foot of buildings on our nineteen acre site is in Romulus, Michigan, near Detroit. Quality and heavy duty are hallmarks at BENLEE. We have five service bays, two frame straightening bays and a major spare parts operation. Our in-house manufacturing brings together a highly experienced crew of experts that design, service sell and support the best roll off containers and roll off dumpsters.

We are proud to offer top quality rolloff containers, the best roll-off trailer and roll off truck one can buy. Whether you are looking for a high quality roll off dumpster or a roll off trailer for sale, call us. Then you can rest assured that you will not only receive a high quality heavy duty product but the very best in customer service. Everyone at BENLEE has firsthand experience in some part of the transportation business, so we know how to build you, what you need.

We know the right questions to ask to make sure you are getting the exact product you need. Importantly, will never try to oversell you. Uniquely, after we have sold you the right rolloff trailer; we offer top notch parts and service to keep your vehicles running and profitable. Our customers know they can rely on BENLEE to support them and keep their vehicles running. Call us at 734-722-8100 if you are looking for a roll off trailer for sale.