Roll off trailers for sale in the U.S., Canada and Mexico by BENLEE

Roll off trailers are for sale in the United States, Canada and Mexico buy BENLEE. See BENLEE Roll off trailers for sale.

Roll off trailers for sale in the U.S., Canada, Mexico by BENLEE

Importantly, BENLEE is now the #1 Manufacturer of roll off trailers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Also, our trailers are the safest, highest uptime, and lowest owning and operating trailer on the market. Importantly, we have exclusive things like 1″ hydraulic hoses and steel lines. Also, steel lines that are plated with Chromium Trivalent for anti-corrosion and paint adherence. Furthermore, a great safety feature we have is all our axles are 102″ wide, for added stability.

Two Container Trailer

Two container trailers are a key item for us at BENLEE. Yes, some people call them rocket launchers due to the way they look. Others say double box trailer, two box trailer, or even two container trailer. Also, our exclusive shuttle system and cable pull assist are key to increasing productivity. Importantly, the shuttle system reduces stress on the front cable that is known to break on Dragon units. Also, the cable assist makes it faster and safer for the driver to pull the main cable back to the start position.

80,000 GVW Trailer

Importantly, other than MI and some a few other states for over permitting, most states have an 80,000 GVW limit. Moreover, we a few great trailers that do this. Conventional Roll off trailer, is a great unit that can also be over permitted in many states as a triaxle. Bridge Master roll off trailer is also a great 80,000 GVW unit that does it with only two axles. Importantly, it weighs about 5,600 lbs. more AND has a long bridge. The long bridge is because the unit has no tail, so the axles are at the back of the trailer. Importantly, this means it carries more weight than even a frameless trailer.

Roll off truck and roll off trailer parts

To support our cust0mers we have an online parts store: Roll off truck and trailer parts store. Of course, you can call 734-722-8100 to order. Importantly, you can buy all tarp systems and parts as well, from companies like: Roll Rite tarp systems and parts.

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Roll off trailer BENLEE conventional trailer for sale
Roll off trailers for sale by BENLEE

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