Open Top Gondola Scrap Hauler Semi Trailer for Sale-BENLEE

February 10, 2017

Open Top Gondola Scrap Hauler Trailer


Open top scrap metal hauler trailers are for sale at BENLEE.  These are huge 48′ and 53′ Open top trailers that can carry enormous amounts of material.  They are light weight in that they have no frame. They are up to about 130 Cu Yards, so more than 3 times the amount of a 40 yard box.

These of course are semi trailers that are used in at scrap yards and salvage yards to mainly carry demolition  scrap very efficiently and shreddable material to shredders!

They are great scrap hauling trailers.  Sorry we do no have any used ones at this time.  We new stock new ones for immediate shipment.

Greg Brown



Open Top Gondola Scrap Hauler Trailer

Open Top Scrap Gondola Trailer for Sale-BENLEE

November 16, 2016

Open Top Scrap Trailer

Gondola Trailer for Sale

Open Top Trailers are for sale at BENLEE.  Call Jeff at 734-722-8100.  We even stock a 48′ version for you!  These are great for hauling large volumes of shred material or demolition scrap.  We make them from Hardox steel, or mild steel.   53′ is also a great size for a Gondola Trailer to carry large volumes of scrap metal.

Call Today!

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Gondola Trailer-scrap Hauler-BENLEE


Open Top Trailers for Sale, Gondola Scrap Trailer Manufacturer-BENLEE

August 30, 2016

Open Top Trailers for Sale-BENLEE

Gondola Scrap Semi Trailers

Open top trailers are for sale at BENLEE, the largest trailer manufacturer for scrap metal industry.  Our highest volume trailers are 48′ and 53′ and we make them in all wall sizes up to 96″  These are high up time, robust scrap metal trailers that can carry enormous amounts of material.  We make them out of light weight Hardox, or mild steel.  We even stock 48′ units for next day delivery.  Sorry we have no used one in stock, lease or rental.

We are located near Detroit, so we are right here in Michigan, but close to Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Call us at 734-722-8100

Greg Brown


Gondola Trailer, Open top trailer, Scrap hauler, Metal

Gondola Trailer, Open top trailer, Scrap hauler, Metal

Merry Christmas from Benlee

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas from Benlee.  We hope all have a great holiday and spend time with friends and family.  We will of course be closed tomorrow Christmas Day but open next week to support you in your roll off trailer, open top trailer, tarp, tarp system and roll off parts needs.


Scrap Hauler-Open Top Trailer, Gondola-BENLEE-734-722-8100

June 24, 2015

Open Top Trailer
Scrap Hauler
Open Top Trailer
Open Top Trailers by BENLEE are a great productivity tool.  They carry up to about 125 cubic yards in one haul.  When taking material to a shredder, or taking material out of a demo site and you need to move material quickly, using our Open Top scrap haulers are the way to go.  To see our site, click here> Scrap Hauler, Open Top,
Scrap hauler, Open Top, Benlee

BENLEE, Open Top, Gondola scrap Trailer

BENLEE, Open top scrap hauler, gondola, 734-722-8100

Open Top, Scrap Hauler, BENLEE


Of course we make a every type of roll off trailer you need, but also call us for scrap, open top trailers.
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Scrap Trailer, Open Top Gondola Scrap Trailer Manufacturer-Robust yet Light!

January 3, 2015

When it comes to a Gondola Scrap Trailer, BENLEE is the place to go.  Most know us for the Roll off Trailer, but we are also a full line manufacturer of the Open Top Gondola Scrap Trailer.
We make them in really any size you want, from about 45′ to 53′, but we stock, ready to go today 48′ x 102″ wide x 96″ high.  A great product to bring light iron or ‘shreddable’ material to a shredder.  We build them robust though, so you can even use these enormous trailers to do a tough and Demo project and load them with P&S!

We have all world class components such as Meritor Axles and Parker fittings.

We have nothing but the best of the best in quality and we even have great pricing.  We have a highly experienced team and great business processes, so we move quick and sell direct to you, so there is not dealer mark up!!  Also, due to our best in class manufacturing, we have almost zero Warrantee claims, so there is no need to have a local distributor.  For any parts you need, no need to even contact a local distributor.  You can order every part by calling us at 734-722-8100, or order 24/7 on line at

So, if you are looking for a Scrap Trailer, call us!

Gondola Trailer, Open Top Trailer, Scrap Hauler

Open Top, Trailer, Gondola, Hauler

Scrap Trailer, Gondola, Open Top

Greg Brown

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