The BENLEE Advantage

Competitive Analysis: BENLEE vs. Most Competitors

Product Feature BENLEE Most Competitors BENLEE
Main Valve Positioning Remote On Fender Safety, Protects operator when hose fails
Hydraulic Tubing/Hoses 1″ Diameter 3/4″ Diameter Faster, Longer Life System
Hose Pressure Rating 3,000 lbs. 2,000 lbs. Safer, Longer Life System
Steel Hydraulic Tubing Trivalent Chromium Uncoated Plated for Longer Life, Anti Corrosion
Suspension Reyco 21 HD Various Higher Uptime, Lower Maintenance
Upper Tube 10″ 8″ Longer life, Stronger
Landing Gear Holland Mark V Various Higher Uptime, Lower Maintenance
Cable Attachment Becket Cable Clamps Safer, Faster Replacement
ABS Secondary Filter Yes No Adds 100,000 Miles to ABS Warranty
Wheel Checks Yes No Safer, Reduces Maintenance Costs
Brake Control-Spring loaded Yes No Safer, Faster Load/Unload
Roller Mounting to unit Pin through tube Welded plate Less Maintenance, Stronger
Roller Attachment to Pin Roll Pin Cotter Pin Less Maintenance, Higher Uptime
Grease Grooves in bushings Yes No Longer Life system, Less Maintenance
Groove Machined in sheaves Yes No Longer Life Cables
Sheaves Diameter 12″ 10″ Longer Life of Sheaves and Cables
Lift Cylinders 7″ 5.5″ – 6″ More Lifting Power, Longer Life
Lifting Capacity 75,000 # 60,000 # More Power is Standard
Slide Plate Design Greaseable rollers Steel on Steel Longer Life Design
Tires 16 Ply 14 Ply Longer Life
On-Line Parts Store Yes No Higher Uptime, Ship 99%+ Same day
24/7 Help Line Yes No Higher Uptime, Help is a Call Away
Warranty 6 Years 1-2 Years Best in Class
Tested with 26 Ton box Yes ??? Ensures Outstanding Quality
Rebuild/Service Operation Yes No Maximum Support
Parts Catalog On-Line Yes No Ensures Correct Replacements