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BENLEE is known for a full line of roll off trucks, trailers, lugger trucks and roll off pup trailers. In addition, Gondola trailers and Crushed Car Trailers, 5th wheel converter dollies and a full line of roll off truck parts. Also, we have roll off trailer parts and additionally parts for all competitors.

Also, our trailers and trucks are all over the 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. Furthermore, we have units in Equator, Aruba, Puerto Rico, South Africa and more.

Moreover, we are in Canada, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and more.

Here is an Overview:

Roll off trailers

Super Mini-Our #1 selling Roll off truck replacement trailer.

Roll off trailer Super Mini

Roll off trailer
Roll off trailer Super Mini

The Super Mini is a roll off truck replacement and here is what we say about it:

People use roll off trucks (not trailers/tractors), because trucks are short and maneuverable. The Super Mini trailer in most cases is a “Roll off Truck Replacement” because, the Super Mini trailer vs. a roll off straight truck is:

1) Similar in length & carries the same 20/30/40-yard box and even short 10- & 15-yard boxes

2) More maneuverable, due to it pivots, it gets into tighter spots

3) Payloads/carries more: Federal/State laws

4) Costs a lot less if you have an underutilized tractor/day cab

5) Better capital (equipment) utilization in that the tractor can be pulling a Gondola trailer. In addition, is can pull a van trailer, dump trailer, etc. if you do not need the “roll off” for the afternoon; a “Decoupling of assets.”

Moreover, the Super Mini in it most common model has an extendable tail also called a stinger tail by some, so in fact it is the “Bridge” of a 30′ trailer, but in its ‘standard’ version is only 25′ 11.”

Importantly this short, low-priced trailer has most of the exact major components/upgrades as our heavy duty “Conventional” 40’ tri axle trailers. This is our extreme/huge 6, 7 and 8 axle trailers that GVW up to 154,000 lbs., such as 25,000 lb. axles, Gresen V40 main control valve, Parker 1” ‘Tough Cover’, 3,000 lb. hoses, Chromium Trivalent plated 1” steel lines, a cable becket, etc. It is an incredibly robust, heavy duty and versatile trailer with an extensive list of standard features to add to safety, high uptime and low owning and operating costs.

We even have a version of this for Canada, which is about 28′ long, so still short, and heavy-duty.

Super Mini Long

This unit is only 33′ long, so it is great in that it carries more legally than the Super Mini but is shorter than the 80,000 GVW 40′ trailers we sell. It comes in 2-3 axles and in the triaxle, it is a heavy hauling trailer. Importantly, it has all the same components as our 7 and 8 axle extreme trailers, but this is a short unit that can carry boxes up to about 31′, but in some states up to 35′: 4 ‘ off the back!

Bridge Master

The BENLEE team, did an excellent job engineering this product. Furthermore, it is the #1, 80,000 GVW trailer in the industry for carrying the maximum weight with a standard Day Cab/Power Unit. Moreover, standard, with this trailer are interment and stops, so the trailer carries 20-, 30- and 40-yard dumpsters, roll off boxes as well as 80 Yard. If you are almost always going to insure you are at 80,000 GVW which you should if you are not over permitting, this is the heavy duty roll off trailer for you. This trailer is not meant to pick up roll off boxes that weigh 70-90,000 lbs.


Some actually call roll off trailers, “BENLEES”, like some called a tissue, a Kleenex. Uniquely, this is due to BENLEE is the industry standard trailer and the Conventional is the standard. Moreover, it comes in units as short as 29′ with a stinger tail, and up to 44′ with 2, 3 or 4 axles. In New York and other states, this unit as well as others can be over permitted to at least 102,000 GVW. In NY you need a steerable axle, and this heavy-duty unit needs to be a triaxle. This trailer is extremely popular for the Canadian market as well. Furthermore, for Canada, you need an extendable tail, which we also call a stinger tail.

Conventional-Heavy Duty-Continued

These trailers have all the same safety systems as all our other trailers and equally have the components that bring the highest uptime and lowest owning and operating costs. Moreover, even items like Wheel Checks and a Hub-o-meter are standard.

Multi Axle

Uniquely, in the industry BENLEE builds 5, 6, 7 and 8 axle trailers. 154,000 GVW in Michigan. Of course, these are enormous numbers, but real. Again, for Michigan only. Moreover, these trailers can legally pick up about 100,000 lbs. Uniquely, these trailers will carry 44′ 100 yard roll off boxes as well as even 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-yard boxes. Sorry you cannot run these in other states, other than about 75 miles into Ohio and Indiana on certain highways.

Drop Deck Roll off trailer

These are great units that have a lower ride height, so the center of gravity is lower. Importantly, they are used typically for extremely high boxes, or for liquids. These are all 80,000 GVW trailers with two axles and come as short as 42′. Moreover, you can get them in a triaxle.

Mini Roll off trailer

The Mini is a great 32′ unit that is a drop deck trailer, not to be confused with the Super Mini that is more of a standard height. The mini has a 24′ tilt frame and is great for liquids that need a lower center of gravity. It has all the great safety systems as all our other trailers.

Roll off trailer key options

There are two key options we recommend that add to safety and save money and the environment.

First is the auto air inflate/axle heat sensor system that is not needed, but we Highly Recommend. Importantly, it keeps tires inflated when they get a leak due some type of nail, piece of metal, etc. and senses when there is overheating at the axle bearings. The system:

-Reduces fires of vehicles or fires on roadside/brush, due to shredded tires, as rims throw sparks and less accidents.

-Cuts Road Service calls; saves money, due to less flats

-Less DOT fines for flat tires

-Minimizes axle damage

-Increases tire life, saves money

-Better fuel mileage, saves money

-Increases ability to recap tires (casings are not destroyed), saves money

Frankly, we think they are a ‘no brainer.’ Here is the link to the site of the company that makes the system. PSI Auto Tire inflation

Aluminum Rims are the second option we suggest in that they save about 240 lbs. on a tandem axle trailer and 360 on a tri axle. Importantly, the automotive industry rewards suppliers for finding ways to save as little as 1 pound on a car or truck. Cars of course range from about 2,800 to 4,500 lbs. Our trailers are about 12,000 to 23,000+ pounds, so about 5 to 10 times as much as a car, so that means 5-10 pounds saved would be their target. Aluminum rims save 240-360 pounds!!  30-40 years of carrying an extra 240-360 lbs. Save fuel by carrying less and/or carry more material.

Extendable tail (stinger tail)

Most trailers have a fixed tail with a swing bumper that moves out of the way when you lower the tilt frame. We have another design that is pretty standard on our Super Mini and Bridge Master, but you can get on other trailers. It is an extendable tail, or some call them stinger tails, in that they come out of the back, like a bee stinger. This means that the axles are to the very back of the trailer, giving you the ability to have a longer axle bridge, which typically means the trailer or truck and legally carries more weight.

Lugger trucks

Lugger trucks and lugger trailers are a product we manufacture and sell. Load Lugger (TM) is our brand. BENLEE acquired Huge Haul, who acquired Heil’s lugger business, who acquired, Ingersoll’s lugger business. Ingersoll acquired Brooks Equipment, who developed and patented the lugger. Equally important, we make luggers in 30,000 lb. 40,000 lb. and 50,000 lb. versions. We can ship you one of these heavy-duty hoists. In addition, we can do a turnkey project. We buy the truck and mount the lugger hoist. Moreover, safety features like a front head support and tie down straps are standard. Importantly, tarp systems are a great option, and we have the Roll Rite tarp system you need in stock.

Roll off Pup Trailers

We manufacture two key types of roll off pup trailers. Dead, or what is called dry pups. This is a set of rails on axles that holds roll off or hook lift boxes. We manufacture them in 2, 3, or 4 or more axles. All are 25,000 lb. axles, which are 102″ wide for maximum stability. In addition, we manufacture Live or Wet roll off pup trailers, with full hydraulics, so they can lift and dump a roll off box with no help. Importantly, they too come with 2, 3, or 4 or more axles. In addition, these trailers and come with or without tarping systems.

Two Container Trailer, TCT, Double rail, Two Box

Two container trailers are great roll off trailers. Equally important, they cut your cost in that you can carry two 20-, 30- or 40-yard boxes at the same time. Our TCT, roll off trailers are designed for fast load and fast unload, combined with critical safety and productivity systems to make them the best of the best. Yes, companies like Dragon and Clement make these trailers. Uniquely, the BENLEE trailer has a shuttle system for the front box and rear cable assist transfer cable to bring the main cable to the rear position. Also, you get all the major upgrades of the BENLEE like 1″ hoses, 102″ wide axles and more.

Canadian Roll off trailers and Gondola Trailers

Uniquely for a U.S. company we support Canada with a full line of roll off and Gondola trailers. Equally important, this includes a version of the Super Mini and the extremely popular 40′ triaxle conventional with a stinger, extendable tail. In addition, for Canada this 40′ trailer would come with typically 60″ or 72″ spacing.

Converter Dolly, 5th Wheel Dolly

5th wheel dolly is one of our products. Most popular is a single axle, but we make them in a tandem axle units as well. Furthermore, these are great to put under a BENLEE heavy duty Super Mini and turn it into a Live roll off pup trailer, which is a wet roll off pup trailer. Uniquely, this means that some days this converter dolly and Super Mini is a pup trailer and other days it is a roll off truck replacement. In addition to these units carrying a van trailer, in a like manner they have be used to carry a Super Mini which would be like a live pup trailer.

Crushed car trailers

Equally important to roll off trailers, BENLEE manufactures a full line of crushed car trailers, with the most common being 48′ and 53′ long. Uniquely, we make these with a 4th wall of gates or a robust curtain system. Moreover, one of our former managers’ Charles Bush developed the curtain system together with the BENLEE team and BENLEE has this U.S. patent! Most common is the 8″ drop, but some like a double drop or a 16″ drop. Not to mention, we make a flatbed version and at times have made units with curtains or gates on both sides. To see them, go here: Crushed Car Trailers.

Best Systems and components as standard

Importantly, BENLEE is always listening to customers, suppliers, and our own team to work to have the safest trailers and trucks with the lowest owning and operating costs. Some of the key systems we have:

12″ sheaves/pulleys, vs. 8″-10″ that all our competitors have. Larger pulleys mean longer life, less maintenance and faster speed for the systems

1″ Hydraulic hoses, vs. 3/4″ to 1/2″ that others have. Larger hoses mean the same longer life, less maintenance and faster speed

1″ Hydraulic steel lines vs. the same 3/4″ to 1/2 that others have, with the same benefits

102″ wide axles, vs 96″ for that extra level of stability which can be needed if a load shifts or a driver is going too fast

Sealed axle hub with 5-year synthetic grease to save the hassle of removing the rubber disc to check the oil level that is there to lubricate the axle bearings.

Secondary air filter in the ABS system to get an extra 100,000 warrantee on the ABS system

48,000 lb. breaking strength (15,840 working strength) ratchet straps. Others have as little as 20,000 breaking strength and 6,600 working strength, or less.

Grease Grooves in the bronze bushings, for the roll off rollers and pulleys, giving longer life and less maintenance

Roll off other systems

Gresen V40 valve vs. Parker DV35. The Parker is a particularly good valve, call is a Ford F150, which is a great truck. Uniquely, BENLEE roll offs have a Gresen V40 valve which is like a HUMMER. Close to bullet proof.

Pin through tube roller attachment-Likewise with other systems, the roller attached makes these systems robust. There is no roller assembly to break off. The rollers are mounted on pins that go through the tube and the pin is welded to the other side of the tube. Of course, like other systems, BENLEE is the only company that has this.

Roll off Truck and Trailer Parts

Roll off Parts Store

Parts are for sale at our online parts store, all at the best price with the best service. Equally important, the online parts store has Galbreath, Dragon, Galfab, as well as American Palfinger and more. Pitbull, Ace, American Carrier Equipment, G&H Manufacturing are all products we have parts for. Not to mention for Converto, Clement, Load Lugger, Huge Haul, Chagnon, Roll offs USA and more. Of course, we have the roller, sheave, pin, cable, tarp, cylinder, winch strap and more. Equally important, we have the tarps and tarp parts for Pioneer, Roll-Rite, Donovan, Mountain Tarp and more. We ship to Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York. Equally important, we ship to Michigan, Ohio, Atlanta Georgia and more.


In 2011, BENLEE acquired DUNRIGHT. Frankly, they were similar units to BENLEE and in fact pre-1995, DUNRIGHT and a company called TBL private labeled BENLEE trailers, so from 1974 to 1995 BENLEE trailers were made by other companies. BENLEE has all the DURIGHT parts you would ever need in stock.


While they look a lot like BENLEE trailers they are not. This was a start-up that made units for about 4 years and stopped in about 2020. BENLEE has most of the Pitbull parts in stock that you could ever need, together with we provide complete service on these trailers. Again, these are not BENLEE, but sure do look like them.

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