Lugger Truck For Sale

Lugger Trucks for sale at BENLEE here: Lugger Truck For Sale. Call us at 734-722-8100 for questions or a quote. Also, we can mount lugger hoists on your truck, or we can get a truck for you. You can buy a hoist for you to mount as well. Premier Truck Sales and Rental is the place to call, to Rent a Lugger Truck or to have a used lugger tuck for sale. Premier Truck Sales and Rental. Likewise, for a lugger quote: Lugger Truck Quote.

Lugger Truck for sale

In addition, lugger trucks come in many sizes with the most common being 50,000 lbs. Also, they can have 120-inch arms, but 30,000 lb. and 40,000 lb. units are not common. Importantly, BENLEE has 50,000 lb. hoists in stock. Additionally, BENLEE acquired Huge Haul, which had acquired Heil’s Lugger business. Load Lugger (TM) is a trademark of BENLEE. Brooks is the original lugger truck manufacturer. Brooks invented the lugger truck. Buy lugger truck parts online at BENLEE.

Used Lugger trucks

Importantly, buy or rent at Premier Truck Sales and Rental. They have used lugger trucks which have come off rental and in most cases are still under factory warranty. Moreover, selling you a new lugger truck or lugger hoist from BENLEE is what we are about. Moreover, Premier is a great place to buy a wonderful used lugger truck. Also, if you have an old Heil lugger truck, or Heil Load Lugger (TM), that is now BENLEE. BENLEE acquired Huge Haul, which had acquired Heil Lugger Truck.

Lugger Trucks for rent

Furthermore, rent lugger trucks for the week, month, or year at Premier. By the same token, rent to own programs are also available at Premier! Importantly, pick up a lugger truck today You can pick one up at Premier, or they can arrange to get it to you. Also, if you are in California, Los Angeles, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Chicago, Illinois, and Ohio call. Moreover, if in Texas, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Virginia, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, and more call.

Lugger Truck Securement

Importantly, purchase lugger truck securement systems, at BENLEE here: Lugger Truck Securement. Securement with pins works on many hoists. Moreover, some boxes are too small, and some hoists do not have pins, so straps or chains are needed. For roll parts go to: Roll off truck parts.

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Lugger truck for sale
Lugger Truck for Sale at BENLEE


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