Hydraulic Hose Repair and Replacement Shop Near Me

Hydraulic hoses can be replaced and repaired while you wait right here at BENLEE. We are conveniently located near I94 and I75 right here in Romulus, Michigan, 48174, just outside of Detroit, MI. You can call us at 734-722-8100. We are not mobile, but we have every fitting, clamp and hose you need right here in our shop to meet your every need. Parker fittings and hoses are all in stock to make all hoses, so we make custom hoses, and do all hose fabrication onsite and ensure you have the right pressure hydraulic hoses at our repair services operation. Note we have hydraulic pumps, pump motors, repair services, hydraulic components, valves, servos and more. All replacement parts in stock.

We have ever Parker fitting and hose, so we can custom make any size hose you need in our shop. Even if you have a Weatherhead or Aeroquip fitting and hose, we can make a hose for you. You can even have free hot coffee while you wait!

So, if you need a hydraulic hose replaced or just a repair or replace, come see us at BENLEE for all your replacement hose needs. We have the best replacement shop in the greater Detroit area! We are known for roll off trailers, roll off trucks, Lugger Trucks, Pup trailers, Open Top scrap trailers, two container trailers and more, but yes, we also do hose hydraulic repairs, right here onsite. Sorry we are not open 24 hours.