BENLEE Roll Off Trailer Operations Manual

BENLEE Operations InstructionsIMPORTANT TO READ BEFORE Driving your trailer.

It contains information on:

    1. Safety Recommendations and Operating Principals [pg 1-4]
    2. FMVSS Compliance Information [pg 5]
    3. ABS Brake, and Air System Filtration Information [pg 6]
    4. ISO and SAE Wiring Diagrams [pg 7-8]
    5. How to Determine Intermediate Stop Locations [pg 9]
    6. General Operating Information [pg 10-16]
    7. General Service, Inspection and Maintenance Schedules [pg 17-18]
    8. Troubleshooting Guide [pg 19-20]
    9. Daily Drive Vehicle Inspection Report & Service Checklist [pg 21-23]
    10. Hydraulic System and Wet Kit Schematics [pg 24-26]
    11. Ordering Parts [pg 27]
    12. Cable Routing Diagrams and Cable Sizes [pg 28-33]
    13. Replacement Hydraulic Cylinders [pg 34-36]
    14. BENLEE Terms of Sale and Warranty [pg 37-39]

BENLEE Forms – Includes applications that are needed for the purchasing process such as MCO Title Sheet, Container Dimensions, and FET Exemption.

Trailer Component Manuals – Simply use the Build Sheet that you received in your final sales packet to identify the Detailed Trailer Components (ABS Brake Systems, Auto Tire Inflation, Axles, and Suspension Systems) that were used to build your trailer. Look up Specific Maintenance and Installation Manuals from Component Manufacturers, such as Meritor, Reyco Granning, Watson & Chalin, Roll-Rite and many others.

Parts Catalog – Full selection of parts found in our online store


Operation & Service Manual

If used incorrectly, this equipment can cause severe injury. Those who use and maintain this equipment should be trained in its proper use and warned of its dangers.

This entire manual should be read before attempting to set up, operate, adjust or service the equipment.

Make copies for all drivers, mechanics and operators. This manual information should be included with the equipment if it is ever sold, leased or otherwise changes ownership.

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