Roll Off Trailer Specifications

Roll off trailer specifications are listed below. You can get PTO, Oil tank size, gallons per minute, pressure, colors and more. You can always call us at 734-722-8100 for more information.

Model Recommended Tank Size (AW32 OIL)
Supermini/Supermini Long
26′ Length 60 Gallons
29′ to 34′ Lengths
37′ to 44′ Lengths
60 Gallons
80 Gallons
100 Gallons
Bridge Masters
37′ to 44′ Lengths 100 Gallons
Drop Deck
38′ to 45′ Lengths 80 Gallons
32′ Length 60 Gallons
Two Box
48′ Length Fixed Tail
48′ Length Stinger Tail
60 Gallons
70 gallons

Chart is for reference purposes only.
For further information please contact a BENLEE representitive.

Recommended operating conditions for BENLEE DUNRIGHT TRAILERS UP TO 6 AXLES are 2,200 PSI oil operating pressure, 25-30 GPM oil flow rate and 1600-1900 tractor R.P.M. with the P.T.O. engaged. The pressure relief valve on the trailer is factory set at 2,200 PSI. Do not change this setting without factory approval or you may void your warranty.

For 7 and 8 Axle BENLEE DUNRIGHT TRAILERS, the recommended operating conditions are lower, at 2,000 PSI oil operating pressure. Do not change this setting without factory approval or you may void your warranty.

BENLEE recommends the push-to-connect “quick” type hydraulic couplers, in lieu of wing type couplers, to prevent any possible flow restrictions.

You will need to provide hoses from the tractor to the trailer. The hoses will vary based on wheelbase and where the connections terminate behind the cab.

BENLEE uses Parker Quick Couplers to provide a secure connection and eliminate the possibility of restricted flow. Trailer set up: Pressure H8-63 Male, Return H8-62 Female- you will need to set up opposite.

We recommend that you return the hydraulic oil l to the bottom of tank to prevent air entering the system.

Wet Kit Schematic

Typical wet kit to operate BENLEE roll-off trailer:

Typical wet kit to operate BENLEE roll-off trailer

Stock Paint Colors

BENLEE offers the following in stock paint colors. Download Stock Paint Color Chart.

5 Star Blue

TT Blue

Dark Blue

Fruehauf Gray

Fruehauf Aluminum

USA Green

MAC Green

Leather Brown

UPS Brown


Additional Paint Colors

The following stock paint colors come with an upcharge. Download Additional Stock Paint Colors.

CAT Yellow

School Bus Yellow

Roll Off Red

Vermillion Red

Omaha Orange

Custom colors available, additional costs may apply.