Two Container roll off Trailer, Two Box Roll off trailer, Rocket Launcher for sale-BENLEE

November 7, 2019

Two Container Roll off Trailer for sale

Two Box Roll off Trailer for sale

Rocket Launcher roll off trailer-for sale

Two container roll off trailers are for sale at BENLEE. These are Heavy Duty, but LIGHT! We are now the lead supplier for double box roll off trailers in the industry, due to our outstanding Safety, Up time and low owning and operating costs, so if you have a Dragon, Galbreath, Chagnon, If you are in California, Los Angeles, Texas, Houston, Dallas, NY, NC, PA, Ohio, call us.  We are a two container roll off trailer manufacturer, Dealer, Distributor, selling double box, double dumpster trailers.  Yes some call them roll on, roll off trailers.  These are Semi trailers that are great to carry vacuum boxes, roll off boxes and more.  Of course we have a great price, due to we sell direct, so if you are looking for a rocket launcher as they call them, call us. We have two container roll off trailers for sale. If you are carrying Frac tanks or vacuum boxes call us.  We have major roll off trailer parts operation to ensure you have the best up time in the industry, but we build our two container roll off dump trailers so well, sadly for us, they use few spare parts. At time we have used units and you can rent units at Premier Truck Sales and rental, so if in Texas, California, New York, NY, call us.  We sell to Canada, Ontario, Alberta and more.

Greg Brown


Dragon Roll off trailer Parts, Dragon roll off parts. Cables, rollers, pulley for sale-BENLEE Distributor

September 7, 2019

Dragon Roll off Parts for Sale

Dragon Roll off Trailer Parts for Sale

BENLEE Dealer, Distributor Replacement Parts

Dragon roll off trailer Parts are for sale at BENLEE. Go online at

Or call 734-722-8100.  We have every cable, sheave, pulley, straps, hold downs, roller, pin, valve you would ever need.  A Dealer, Distributor of all the parts you need for you double box, 2 box, rocket launcher, or single box trailer for your roll off trailer or roll off hoist.

Greg Brown




Dragon 805-0010 Roller 4" OD, 2 1/8 ID shaft

Dragon roll off part for sale-roller-BENLEE

Dragon 805-0010 Roller 4″ OD, 2 1/8 ID shaft
SKU: AT084

Economy Grade 2" Tie Down Hook

Dragon roll off trailer part for sale

Dragon 470-6006 Ratchet Strap w/hooks

Tie Down Strap - 4" x 36" Nylon

Dragon, roll off trailer hoist part for sale-BENLEE

Dragon 510050 Tie Down Strap – 4″ x 36″ Nylon
SKU: AT146

Ratchet - 4"

Dragon, roll off trailer part for sale-BENLEE

Dragon 470-6007 Strap Winch weld on 4”
SKU: AT145

Dragon 805-0052 10" Pulley

Dragon 805-0052 10″ Pulley
SKU: CA018


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Dragon 470-6012 Tie Down Hook - 2"

Dragon 470-6012 Tie Down Hook – 2″
SKU: AT147

Pulley / Sheave - 12" W/2" Bronze Bushed Center

Dragon roll off part pulley for sale

Pulley / Sheave – 12″ W/2″ Bronze Bushed Center
SKU: CA019

Roll Off Cable - 1/2" X 50' Standard

Roll Off Cable – 1/2″ X 50′ Standard
SKU: CA001

Sheave Pin - 2" DIA x 6"

Dragon 805-0117 Sheave Pin Sh200-01 shaft 2 x 5l
SKU: AT091

$36.58 Save $427
Aluminum Fender - Two Box Single Axle

Dragon 230-0056 Fender, aluminum Rear
SKU: FE002

Ratchet Bar - Steel

Ratchet Bar – Steel

Tailgate Latch Assembly - Steel

Dragon 805-0055 Tailgate latch assy end dump tgl3
SKU: DT001

Dragon 805-0053 5.25 od sheave 7/8 cable groove

Dragon 805-0053 5.25 od sheave 7/8 cable groove
SKU: CA119

Dragon 5/8"x 60' Cable w/Speltor Socket - 805-0095

Dragon 5/8″x 60′ Cable w/Speltor Socket – 805-0095
SKU: CA137

Dragon 230-0036 Mud Flap - 24" x 30"

Dragon 230-0036 Mud Flap – 24″ x 30″
SKU: PR028

Guage - 2.5" Liquid Filled Guage

Dragon 805-0063 Gauge 160 PSI plg-a-63-n-b-160
SKU: HY170

Receptacle Box - 7 way

Dragon 231-0005 7 Way female w/male pins
SKU: LT335


hydraulic cylinders 805-0020 …..Hoist cylinder 6x84x3 805-0037 …..6x20x1.5 Composite cyl btm dmp 805-0038 …..8x30x1.5 Composite cyl-sbd 805-0039 …..St6 lift cylinder 6x3stx118 805-0040 …..Reeving cyl st6/dd 7x3x120 805-0041 ……Drop deck lift cylinder 805-0042 …..Hoist cylinder 7x84x3 805-0043 …..Tct cylinder 6x3x52 805-0045 …..Lift cyl 30’ end dump (220) 805-0046 …..36’Dump cylinder 265” 805-0047 …..Hyd cyl 32’end dump (235) 805-0048 …..Hyd cyl 28’end dump (200) 805-0049 …..Hyd cyl 38’end dump (280) 805-0020
805-0052 805-0053805-0060
805-0160 805-0161
805-0081 805-0082
inlet sections 805-0080 805-0080 …..Va-20 inlet section (aa880) 805-0081 …..Va-20 outlet section (a880 805-0082 …..Va-20 motor spool (ma-7) 805-0083 …..Cyl spool va-20 (da-7) 805-0084 …..Cyc spool va-20 (dv-7)
805-0050 …..Clevis pin d/t-(ncd-g05) 805-0051 ……Oil lubricator (asl #5-pf-1/2npt) 805-0052 …..10” Pulley 805-0053 …..5.25od sheave 7/8 cable groove 805-0060 …..Crosby cable clamps 5/8 805-0061 …..8”Sheave w/bushing 805-0114 ……Half moon bracket-pr. 805-0115 ……10” Pulley pin 2”x4” 805-0116 ……10”Pulley pin 2”x4 1/2” 805-0117 ……Sh200-01 shaft 2 x 5l 805-0118 ……Rail pin-st6 805-0119 ……Tail roller-dd,st6 805-0120 ……Sheave block assy pin -2”x 3 1/2 lg 805-0122 ……3 X 4 roller w/1”1/4 x 6” grease shaft 805-0136 ……Release screw-va20 inlet section 805-0140 ……Shaft–1.5 Od x 4.5l 805-0141 ……Shaft– 1.5od x 5l 805-0145 ……Sheave block assy/ 1st generation 805-0146 ……Sheave block assy/ 2nd generation 805-0147 ……Sheave block assy/ 3rd generation 805-0151 ……Eye bolt tensioner 805-0152 ……Lrg washer for pulley pin 805-0153 ……1.5 X 6 pulley pin 805-0160 ……1.5 X 3 3/4 staionary shaft 805-0161 ……1.5 X 5 3/4 adjustable shaft pulley parts
oil luBricator 805-0051 ……Oil lubricator (asl #5-pf-1/2npt)
GauGe 805-0063 …..Gauge 160 PSI plg-a-63-n-b-160
805-0036 …..Gate latch cylinder assy. 805-0035 …..Icc bumper cylinder 805-0044 …..4×30 welded cyl end dump gate 805-0176 ……Bracket/icc bumper cyl. Misc ……….end dump radius arm 805-0170 ……Dot bumper
roll off & end duMp cylinders
rollers 805-0010 ……Roller 4”odx4”lx 21/8 idshaft 805-0024 ……4×5 roll off roller (old style) 805-0089 …..Side roller retainer washer 805-0090 …..Retainer washer cotter pin 805-0092 …..Side roller shaft/plate loose-i beam 805-0099 …..Side roller shaft/plate welded
mIsC atchet straps 470-6001 ……………..Tarp strap, for 2” ratchet 470-6006 ……………..Strap 4”x5’ w/hooks 470-6003 ……………..Ratchet, 2” narrow handle 805-0096 …………….Container hook & strap 470-6004 ……………..Rubber strap 15” w/hooks 470-6005 ……………..Rubber strap 21” w/hooks
strap winch 470-6007 ……Winch weld on 4” 805-0062 …..Side strap winch undermount 805-0066 …..16sl low profile winch




Los Angeles, California, Roll off Trailers for Sale, San Diego, San Franciso, CA

March 19, 2016

Los Angeles, CA., Roll off Trailers for Sale

San Diego, San Francisco,  Fresno, Sacramento

Roll off Trailers in California, is what we are about at BENLEE.  We have off trailers in stock for same day shipment to California.  We have the great Roll off Truck replacement, called the Super Mini, that does everything a roll off truck does but better.  We also have Two Box Trailers, that carry double boxes for those long distance hauls, sometimes called a rocket launcher.  We also have 80,000 GVW trailer such as our industry standard Bridge Master that is 80,000 GVW with only two axles!

Our trailers are optimized for your application such as Waste, Scrap Metal, C&D Demo, Environmental, Landscaping and more.

Call us at 734-722-8100 and ask for Jeff!

Greg Brown


California Roll off Trailers for Sale

Roll off Trailers, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA

California Roll off Trailers for Sale

Los Angeles, Roll off Trailers, San Francisco, CA

California, Roll off Trailers, BridgeMaster

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