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BENLEE Roll Off Trailers and Scow Trailers: The Smart Choice for Canadian Buyers

When it comes to selecting the perfect trailer for your hauling needs, Canadians have a multitude of options available. Moreover, see our website: Canadian Tin Scow and Roll off trailers.  Of course, you can call us at 734-722-8100. However, our roll offs and gondola tin scow trailers stand out from the crowd. With their exceptional quality, versatility, and advanced features, BENLEE vehicles offer unmatched value and performance. In this blog post, we will explore why Canadian buyers should consider investing in our roll off trailers and scow trailers. To request a quote online for a roll-off trailer: Canadian roll-off trailer quote.

Tin Scow Gondola and Roll-off trailer quality

Unparalleled Durability and Quality: One of the primary reasons why Canadians should opt for BENLEE trailers is their unparalleled durability and quality. Built to withstand heavy-duty usage, the company trailers are constructed with high-strength steel frames that ensure longevity and reliability. These trailers are engineered with precision, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, and undergo rigorous quality control measures. The result is a trailer that can handle the toughest loads, withstand challenging weather conditions, and deliver outstanding performance over the long haul.

Versatility for Diverse Applications: BENLEE roll off trailers and scow vehicles offer remarkable versatility, catering to a wide range of applications. Whether you are involved in construction, waste management, recycling, or any industry that requires efficient material handling, our trailers are designed to excel. With their flexible designs and customizable options, our units can easily adapt to different cargo types. This includes construction debris, industrial waste, recyclables, and more. Also, adaptability makes them a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes across Canada.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: Efficiency and productivity are paramount in any hauling operation, and BENLEE trailers deliver on both fronts. Equipped with advanced hydraulic systems, our roll-offs allow for effortless loading, unloading, and transportation of heavy loads. The user-friendly controls and streamlined operation minimize downtime, optimizing workflow and maximizing productivity. BENLEE scow trailers, on the other hand, provide efficient transportation of bulk materials over water, enabling seamless logistics and reducing handling costs.

Tin Scow Gondola Trailers

The company has a flexible production system, so we are ready to build you 2, 3, 4 or more axle trailers. Of course, we build to the SPIF level you need and want. All our tin scow trailers are made of Hardox (TM), to keep weight down meaning you can carry the most weight possible. The most common trailer for Canada is our 53′ triaxle. It is truly a heavy hauler.

Superior Safety Features: Safety is a critical concern when it comes to hauling operations, and BENLEE vehicles prioritize it at every step. These trailers come equipped with advanced safety features such as secure latching mechanisms. Moreover, of course we have robust braking systems, and reinforced structural components. Our vehicles also adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring compliance and promoting safe operations. By investing in BENLEE trailers, Canadian buyers can have peace of mind knowing that their cargo and workforce are protected.

Tin scow trailers can come in 40′, 45′, 48′, 50′ or 53′. As written the 53′ and 8′ high walls are the most popular. With 102″ axles for more stability we add another level of safety. For longer wear, we sandblast, prime and then paint all units. This means they hold up better then the best in the toughest markets. Sandblasting the steel ensures the paint really holds and protects against salt and rust. Also, while 8′ high are the most common, of course we can do 4′, 5′, 6′ or 7′.

Roll-off trailer and roll off truck parts

Roll-off trailer parts are for sale at BENLEE. By online at our store: Roll-off truck and trailer parts store. You can also order parts for tarp systems like Roll-Rite which can be ordered here: Roll-Rite Tarp systems and parts. Of course, now with our online parts store you had order the parts you need 24/7. Of course, you can always call us at 734-722-8100. Moreover, we ship all parts the same day we get the order. Importantly though, we do need to have the order in by 3:30 PM to get it out the same day.

Exceptional Customer Support and Service: BENLEE’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase of their trailers. Canadian buyers can rely on our exceptional customer support and service throughout their ownership experience. From initial inquiries to after-sales assistance, our dedicated team is readily available to address queries. Also, the team is ready to provide technical guidance, and offer prompt solutions. This commitment to customer care ensures that BENLEE owners in Canada can maximize the value and performance of their trailers.

BENLEE 30383 Ecorse Road, Romulus, MI. 48174

Moreover, we are only about 1o miles from Canada. That means that it is easy to visit us and see our company. We are open Monday-Friday 6:00AM to 4:30PM Est. You can also pick up the replacement parts you need at the company. The team loves having visitors. You can even come see your unit getting built! Also, we have finished trailers on the ground, so you can see the team’s great work, as they get ready to ship vehicles to customers.

Roll-Rite, Pioneer, Aero, Donovan, U.S. Tarp

Moreover, we have the parts for all these companies in stock. This means we have the Roll-Rite motors like the motor like the 10200 Gear motor in stock. We also stock the 10122 Super Duty Motor, the 10180 Hydra-Lock motor and 10122 Super Duty. Also, we have the 10310 Tarp Master and the 20120 Thru-Shaft. Of course, we also have the 76800 Casting. As for Pioneer, we have the A3881KIT, HR4752 36″ cylinder, the HR4759 Tarp and the HR4719 Rack gear cylinder. We are here to support you with the systems you need. While Roll-Rite is our number one seller, of course we install Pioneer, Aero, Donovan, U.S. Tarp and more. Importantly though we have them all in stock for same day shipment.

Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia

Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, and more are areas we support. Of course, many of the providences have their own rules and regulations. Therefore, we are ready to support you anywhere in Canada. All our units are the safest possible and have the highest uptime with the lowest owning and operating costs in the industry.

Conclusion: When it comes to hauling heavy loads efficiently and reliably, call us. Canadian buyers can trust BENLEE roll offs and scow trailers to get the job done. With their unmatched durability, versatility, efficiency, safety features, and excellent customer support, our vehicles are an investment that pays off in the long run. Whether you are a construction contractor, waste management professional, or involved in any industry that requires robust material handling, our vehicles are the smart choice for Canadian buyers seeking quality and performance. Choose BENLEE and experience the difference for yourself.

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