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40' Tri Axle Conventional Roll off Trailer

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Canadian roll off trailer 40'

This is the most popular Canadian roll off trailer we make. Canadian roll off SPIF trailer. Of course, we also manufacture other trailers like our Tin Scow, gondola trailer and our short roll off truck replacement trailer the Super Mini. This 40' unit is the most common though and of course, we make it Canadian legal with all the SPIF laws and when needed the frost laws in mind.

Heavy duty, but optimized for weight

At BENLEE we know our trailers are used in tough in environments. That is why they are built BENLEE tough and will all key safety features in mind. Moreover, we use 102" wide axles on all we build. We also use wheel checks on all axles and have sealed hubs with a 5 year synthetic grease, to stop the constant checking for oil in the hubs. Also, we use a strong 3/8" upper tube which is needed for the extendable tail. This 3/8" vs 1/2" takes some weight out of the trailer.

Safety is #1

Safety is key to all do at BENLEE. As mentioned above we use 102" wide axles, to increase the stability of our units. 96" is standard, but we know 102" wide helps with shifting loads. Also, we now have a standard, a hoist up warning strobe and a tail out warning strobe. Sadly, people are killed by driving with the hoist up and hitting bridges. BENLEE developed the first hoist up warning light to trailers. Of course, it is also dangerous to drive with the tail out. Short cars can go under the tail. That would allow the trailer to hit the windshield. Again, safety is #1.

Roll off trailer parts

Moreover, we support our units with a comprehensive online parts store: Roll off trailer parts store. The great news is we are less than 10 miles from the Canadian border, so it is easy for us to ship parts or people come to us and pick up the parts they need. Also, we stock rollers, tarps, roll off straps, pulleys and more.