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August 12, 2017

Lugger Trucks for Sale

Lugger Truck Manufacturer

Huge Haul-BENLEE

Lugger trucks for sale, Lugger Truck Manufacturer is what we are about at BENLEE.  When we purchased Huge Haul a few years ago we became the leading Lugger Truck Manufacturer in the U.S.  A great product line that Heil had once owned was not part of the BENLEE family of products.  We build Lugger Hoists for our truck of we can buy a truck for you and install a lugger hoist on your chassis!  We of course have all lugger truck parts for immediate shipment, or you can stop by at BENLEE/Huge Haul and pick them up!

We do not have any used lugger trucks at this time, but stay in touch, in case we do.  Premier Truck Sales & Rental at times has used luggers for rent and sells used lugger trucks!  BENLEE does not use distributors or dealers.  We sell direct to save you money and ensure the best service.  No middle man to buy your Load Lugger, Lugger Truck!

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Lugger Trucks for Sale-Rental-BENLEE


Lugger Trucks for Sales-BENLEE-Huge Haul


Lugger Trucks for Sale-Huge Haul Decades old Ad! BENLEE


Lugger Trucks for Sale-BENLEE-Huge Haul old ad!

Lugger Truck Rental, Rent a Lugger Truck

April 7, 2016

Lugger Truck Rental

Rent a Lugger Truck

Lugger truck Rental at Premier Truck Sales and Rental is fast and easy.

Call 1-800-825-1255

Premier makes it easy and fast.  Rent for the week, month or year.  These are great Load Lugger, Huge Haul hoists made by BENLEE, the leader in Roll off Trailers and Open Top Trailers.  Of course Premier Truck Sales and Rental is also a great place to buy used lugger trucks that have been maintained to the highest standards in the industry.

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Lugger Truck Rental



Lugger Trucks-New, Hoists, Load Lugger-Huge Haul BENLEE

February 20, 2016

Lugger Trucks, Lugger Hoists

Huge Haul Load Lugger

Lugger Trucks also known as Load Lugger Trucks will be for sale at BENLEE starting next month.  BENLEE will be announcing formally the acquisition of Huge Haul, the premier Lugger Truck builder in the United States.

BENLEE will use its quality and engineering systems to ensure that the Huge Haul Load Lugger design is improved upon to be truly best in class, so when it comes to looking for a Lugger Truck for Sale, Call BENLEE at 734-722-8100.  We will also back it with the best support in the industry including having 99% of all spare parts in stock that you would been for same day shipment or pick up.

Also, sorry we do not have any new pictures yet, so see below for some old Huge Haul pictures


Benlee, Lugger Trucks, New, Huge Hual

Lugger Trucks, Lugger Hoists, Huge Haul, BENLEE

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Lugger Trucks, Lugger Hoists-Huge Haul, BENLEE

December 25, 2015

Lugger Trucks and Lugger Hoists are now going to be built by BENLEE.  This is a pre-announcement of our Press Release of early January.  BENLEE is proud to have acquired the assets of Huge Haul, by far the best of the best in building Lugger Trucks, Load Lugger Hoists.  When BENLEE was acquired about 11 years ago it built great products at the time.  Over the years though, not only did BENLEE make over 30 improvements over the years as well as developed new products like the Super Mini, Roll off Truck Replacement Trailer.

The market for Lugger Hoists is small, compared to Roll off Trailers, but still an important market, especially in major cities Lugger Trucks, also know as Load Luggers.  Importantly, many BENLEE customers use Lugger Hoists, so they will not be able to buy Lugger Trucks from BENLEE.

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