Dragon Roll off Trailer Parts for Sale, Dealer, Distributor, BENLEE-734-722-8100

July 5, 2019

Dragon Roll off Trailer Parts

Roll off Hoist Parts-Cables, Rollers, Pulleys

BENLEE 734-722-8100

Dragon roll off trailer parts are for sale at www.rollofftrucktrailerparts.com. We have rollers. sheaves, pulley, cables, fenders, hydraulic valves, cylinders and more.  Dealer, Distributor, near me, due to we ship same day to all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico and more. Roller 805-0010, 4″ and sheave, pulley 805-0052, 10″  are very popular items. Of course we have cylinders, ratchets, mudflaps straps and hooks. All replacement parts are for sale.

Greg Brown




Bronze Bushed Roller - 4" with Grease Grooves for longer life

Dragon Roller-BENLEE

Dragon 805-0010 Roller 4″ OD, 2 1/8 ID shaft
SKU: AT084

Economy Grade 2" Tie Down Hook

Dragon strap and hook

Dragon 470-6006 Ratchet Strap w/hooks

Ratchet - 4"

Dragon Ratchet

Dragon 470-6007 Strap Winch weld on 4”
SKU: AT145

Tie Down Strap - 4" x 36" Nylon

Dragon 510050 Tie Down Strap – 4″ x 36″ Nylon
SKU: AT146

Dragon 470-6012 Tie Down Hook - 2"

Dragon 470-6012 Tie Down Hook – 2″
SKU: AT147

GALBREATH Sheave Pulley 10" w/2" Bronzed Bushed Center

Dragon 80-0052 10″ Pulley
SKU: CA018

Roll Off Cable - 1/2" X 50' Standard

Roll Off Cable – 1/2″ X 50′ Standard
SKU: CA001

Pulley / Sheave - 12" W/2" Bronze Bushed Center

Pulley / Sheave – 12″ W/2″ Bronze Bushed Center
SKU: CA019

Aluminum Fender - Two Box Single Axle

Dragon 230-0056 Fender, aluminum Rear
SKU: FE002

Ratchet Bar - Steel

Ratchet Bar – Steel

Sheave Pin - 2" DIA x 6"

Dragon 805-0117 Sheave Pin Sh200-01 shaft 2 x 5l
SKU: AT091

$36.58 Save $427
Dragon 805-0053 5.25 od sheave 7/8 cable groove

Dragon 805-0053 5.25 od sheave 7/8 cable groove
SKU: CA119

Dragon 5/8"x 60' Cable w/Speltor Socket - 805-0095

Dragon 5/8″x 60′ Cable w/Speltor Socket – 805-0095
SKU: CA137

Dragon 230-0036 Mud Flap - 24" x 30"

Dragon 230-0036 Mud Flap – 24″ x 30″
SKU: PR028

Guage - 2.5" Liquid Filled Guage

Dragon 805-0063 Gauge 160 PSI plg-a-63-n-b-160
SKU: HY170

Receptacle Box - 7 way

Dragon 231-0005 7 Way female w/male pins
SKU: LT335

Tailgate Latch Assembly - Steel

Dragon 805-0055 Tailgate latch assy end dump tgl3
SKU: DT001


Galbreath Roll off truck parts. 521AO roller, A3205 valve, 1543 2 spool control, 1674 breather filter and more

May 13, 2019

Galbreath Roll off Parts

BENLEE Dealer, Distributor

521AO, 6934AO, roller, sheaves, pulleys and more

Galbreath roll off parts are for sale at BENLEE. Call 734-722-8100.  We have roll off hoist parts, sheaves, pulleys, valves, side rollers, cables and more.  This includes best sellers like, 521AO, 1543 air control, E660 washer, A3760, 1674, 2316W cable pulley assembly, 3431 cable hook, A3205 2 spool valve. We are a Dealer, Distributor of replacement and original parts for your Galbreath roll off truck, roll off trailer and hook lift. Located at 30383 Ecorse Road, Romulus, MI. 48174. We ship 99.9% of all items same day.

Greg Brown




Galbreath roll off parts, 2316W cable pull, BENLEE

Galbreath roll off truck parts, 3431 cable end hook. BENLEE

Galbreath roll off truck part, 1674 breather filter



Galbreath roll off part, sheave, pulley, 6934AO





Galbreath Roll off part, A3205 valve, 2 spool



Galbreath roll off part, 68=934AO sheave, pulley-BENLEE




Galbreath roll off part, 3431 cable end container hook. BENLEE


Galbreath roll off part, 521AO, roller assembly.BENLEE

Galbreath roll off parts, for sale, 386AO, side roller assembly. BENLEE




Roll off Trailers for Sale-In Stock at BENLEE, www.benlee.com

November 18, 2016

Roll off Trailers for Sale-In Stock

BENLEE- Manufacturer-Dealer

Roll off trailers are in stock at BENLEE.  We are the #1 Manufacturer of roll off trailers in the U.S., so we sell trailers for California, Texas, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida and more!  Our trailers are built with the safest designs possible and with the highest possible up-time.  If you grease them as needed, the spare parts you ever need are almost slim and none, so we sell direct to save you money.  You do not need distributor support, because there is almost no support needed!   Just in case though our parts operation is open 6 days a week to get your calls and we have a 24/7 on line parts store to support you.

We have roll off trailers in stock that are 80,000 GVWR.  We also have two box, two container trailers in stock as well as dead pups, roll off pup trailers in stock.  Order today, we can ship today, or you can come pick them up today! We even have open top gondola, scrap hauler trailers in stock!  We are a dealer, manufacturer, so there is no need to have that extra mark up from a dealer.  Importantly even when you have questions or needs, why deal with a middle man-distributor, call us!  We are the #1 seller, manufacturer in the U.S. which all work hard to copy our every move.  Of course we can build you a custom trailer.  Just call us!

BENLEE is located in Michigan, right near the Canadian border.  30383 Ecorse Road, Romulus, Michigan, 48174.  Call us at 734-722-8100.

Greg Brown






Roll off Trailer, Roll off Truck, Dump Truck Parts Parts for Sale-Gresen, Roll Rite, Parker and more!

March 6, 2015

Roll off Trailer Parts
Roll off Truck Parts
Dump Parts
Roll off trailer parts are a key focus for us at BENLEE.  While many people know us for Roll off Trailers, we are one of the largest roll off parts suppliers in the United States.
We have:
-Roll off Cables
-Seal Kits
-Tarp Systems
-Suspension parts
-Filters and more.
We carry:
-Roll Rite
-Mountain Tarp
and more
We have parts for
-and more!
Call us at 734-722-8100 for all your roll off trailer parts, roll off truck parts and dump parts!
Greg Brown
For recycling in North Carolina

Galfab Parts-BENLEE

February 16, 2013

Galfab Parts
Galfab Parts are all is stock for same day shipment at BENLEE.  Every pin, sheave, cable and more are ready to either be picked up, or we can ship you.  Of course we have Galbreath, BENLEE, American and other.  Call us at:734-722-8100 to order your parts.  Every sheave, pulley, cable, pin, filter, cylinder, hydraulics you need.

Roll off Cables for Sale

February 10, 2013

Roll off Cables for Sale
Roll off cables are in stock at BENLEE for same day shipment.  We stock them all.  Call us, or see us on the web at www.benlee.com.  We ship all day, to support our customers.  Of course we have every cable, sheave, etc that you may need.  We have cables for your roll off truck and roll off trailer!
Call us at 734-722-8100.
Greg Brown

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