Roll off trailers, gondola trailers, roll off trailer parts are in stock

Roll off trailers, gondola trailers, roll off trailer parts and roll off truck parts are in stock. Call 734-722-8100 or see: Roll off trailers,  Gondola trailers by BENLEE, Roll off trailer and roll off truck parts.

Super Mini (TM), Roll off trailer

The Super Mini (TM), is one of bestselling trailers at BENLEE. We call is a roll off truck replacement trailer. Why? Roll off trucks are short and maneuverable. Roll off trailers are known to be 40′ long, so when put behind a day cab they are about 50′ long. The Super Mini (TM), is only 25′ 11″ long, so when put behind a day cab it is only about 36′. A roll off truck is 35″.

Moreover, the Super Mini (TM) and the day cab pivot, so if you have a good Class A driver, you can get into a tighter spot with a Super Mini (TM), vs a roll off truck. Also, the great news is the Super Mini (TM), can carry about 50% more weight legally than a roll off truck!

Save $210,000+

Of course, another factor is the price. With FET and tarp system the Super Mini (TM), is about $87,000. A roll off truck with three axles in the back is about $300,000+. This means you can save literally $210,000+ if you have an underutilized day cab. While many years out, roll off trucks have a life of about 10+ years, while BENLEE roll off trailers have a live of about 25+ years. Lastly, this unit comes with almost all the same major components as our 7 and 8 axle extreme trailers. Same axles, rollers, cables, hose, control valve, etc.

Roll off trailer Super Mini Long

If you are looking for a slightly longer trailer, see the Super Mini Long. The most common unit is 33′ long with a fixed tail. Of course, we also have the 33′ extendable tail version that in a tri axle is 80,000 GVW! Again, these trailers all have most of the same exact systems and components as our 7, and 8 axle trailers that are up to 154,000 GVW. These are great heavy duty trailers.

Two container roll off trailer, two box roll off trailer, double box roll off trailer

This another of our bestselling trailers. Importantly, we have a number of exclusive systems. Our rocket launchers as some call them are the safest, highest uptime with the lowest owning and operating costs in the industry. We have many features better than anything in the market. Two that stand out are: a shuttle system in the front of the trailer that brings the box to the front position. This is driven by a winch, but it keeps the cable tight at all times so there less stress on the cable. At least one other company has major problems with this cable.

Rocket Launcher cable assist

Also, we have a cable assist for the main cable to get it to the rear position. It is driven by the reeve cylinder and eliminates the hassles that currently exist to get the main cable to the rear.


The most common model of this unit is our 40′ tandem axle, that is 80,000 GVW. Importantly, it only weight 16,900 lbs. and has a king pin to rear center axles measurement of 38′ 6″. This is important in that you get the 80,000 GVW with a 215″ day cab. The frameless model in the market that weighs about 400 lbs less, has a king pin to read center axle measurement of 33′ 9″, so BENLEE has a longer Bridge.

Roll off trailer and roll off truck parts

Call us at 734-722-8100 or go to our parts store for all manufacturers such as Galbreath roll off truck parts. Moreover, we have all the roll off straps, rollers, pulleys, cables, pins and more. We ship the same day parts for not only Galbreath, but for Galfab, Dragon, American, Palfinger and more. Hydraulic cylinders, valves, hoses are in stock as well. Also, we even carry Gresen valve parts and Parker hydraulics.

Galbreath, Galfab, American, Palfinger, Dragon

BENLEE is a full service company. Of course, we make the safest and highest uptime, lowest owning and operating trailers, and trucks in the business, but we also support our customers with parts for our competitor’s parts. We have a full stock of these parts ready to ship the same day. We work to have the lowest costs, so we can support the market with the best prices and the best service.

Roll off straps, winch straps, roll off container straps

Roll off straps are a major wear item and a safety item which you can buy here at Roll off straps and hooks.  We carry a full line of product, for everything from light trash and 20,000 lbs straps, to 48,000 lb. straps for heavy loads. Sorry we do not sell low end 10,000 lb. straps. We do not think they are safe.

Pioneer tarp systems, Roll Rite tarps systems and parts, Donovan, Aero & U.S. Tarp

Roll off truck, roll off trailer and dump truck tarping system and tarp parts are for sale. This means we have in stock for same day shipment parts like Pioneer A3881 KIT Arm Pivot, the Roll Rite 76800 casting  and the Roll Rite 10200 Gear Motor, Tarp Stretcher.  Furthermore, all orders we get before 3:00 PM, we ship the same day. All with great service and the best prices. Of course, you can also call 734-722-8100 and order from our friendly experienced staff. They get in bright and early at 6:00AM EST and are ready to take you calls until 4:30PM EST.

Importantly though, we have a 24/7 emergency line. Call us for all the roll off truck parts and all the roll off trailer parts you need. Of course, we can ship for next day air and even for early morning arrival, so it is like having a Pioneer dealer near me, or a Galbreath dealer near me.

California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and more

We ship all over the U.S. This means we ship from Florida, California, and Washington to Maine. Moreover, we sell trailers all over the U.S. and our customers also own Dragon, Galbreath, American and more, so we are where to support you. The great news is out webstore is open 24/7 so you can buy parts anytime. The site has pictures and descriptions to help you to order the correct parts.

Canada, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Manitoba, etc.

Canada is an important market for our roll off trailers, tin scows (gondola trailers), lugger trucks and more. We ship to all parts of Canada various types of trailers that are built to the current SPIF laws. We know the market and we are here to support you with trailers, trucks, parts and even service. Metal recycling is a major business in Canada, as is oil services. Our roll off trailers, lugger trucks, two container trailers and tin scows are all in great demand in Canada. Call us today for a quote for your Canadian needs.

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Roll off trailers in stock at BENLEE

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