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May 19, 2015

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Roll Off Truck Replacement
Super Mini Roll Off Trailer
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The BENLEE Super Mini Roll Off Truck replacement is a short 25’11” – that’s only a few inches longer than a roll off truck (when the trailer is attached to a tractor). The Super Mini is optimized for the same 20/30/40 and tall 50 yd boxes, but can haul up to 50% more weight legally. A Roll Off Truck can last only as long as the Tractor- but with a Super Mini, you get a more maneuverable, heavier hauling, cheaper Roll Off Truck that can detach from the Tractor if the Power Unit breaks or is needed for another Trailer.  

roll off truck replacement

Roll off Trailer-BENLEE Super Mini

Roll Off Truck Replacement – The BENLEE Super Mini Roll Off Trailer
Roll Off Trucks are useful because their short length makes them more maneuverable than a tradition Roll Off Trailer- but the BENLEE Super Mini Trailer has all that maneuverability and MORE! The Super Mini (when attached to a Tractor) is almost as short as Roll Off Truck; but because the Super Mini is a trailer, it has a hinge pin which gives it additional maneuverability. The Super Mini can actually get into an even tighter spots than a Roll Off Truck!

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Built with the same heavy duty 25,000# axles, hydraulic system, rollers, sheaves, etc. as our larger units, the Super Mini is small but mighty! Every trailer we make is tested on the same 54,000# test box- that’s much more than you could ever carry legally! Next time you’re looking for a Roll Off Truck, call BENLEE and buy a Super Mini Roll Off Trailer Instead! 

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Greg Brown

Roll Off Trailer Manufacturer

July 29, 2012

Roll off Trailer Manufacturer
Roll off trailer Manufacturers are major employers in NA.  Benlee is the best and the biggest.  BENLEE makes a wide variety of roll off trailers to support the market.  We also have a great Parts operation with an online parts store where you can order parts 24/7.

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Greg Brown


Roll off Trailer Manufacturers

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