Roll off Trailer Safety and Fake News

Roll off trailers are very safe and BENLEE trailers are true work horses when used correctly. Also, competition makes the world a better place. Importantly, we are flattered how many small competitors have done their best to copy our best selling Super Mini. Also, they work to copy design features of our other trailers.  Importantly, the Super Mini remains a top seller.

BENLEE Thanks OmniSource

Moreover, we continue to thank OmniSource for suggesting we develop it 11 years ago. Importantly, it is a great roll off truck replacement.  5, yes, FIVE companies have tried to copy it, but none match the BENLEE Super Mini.

Roll offs by BENLEE

BENLEE has been operating in MI for almost 50 years. Literally about 98% of all 6 and 7 axle units on the road today were built by BENLEE/DUNRIGHT.  DUNRIGHT is a company that BENLEE acquired. 98% is a big number. The reason is while BENLEE is not perfect, Bill Wolok founded and built a great company. Importantly, then my team and I (many still on the team that Bill hired) made it a better company. Moreover, we have made more that 40 upgrades to our BENLEE roll offs in the last 12 years. Those are all since Bill sold me the company.

Safety Is #1 to BENLEE

I am writing, due to a new term has made it into our lives.  Fake News.   I will now use that term.  Earlier today, we were made aware of a small competitor that sent out information that had fake news that could also be a major safety issue. A competitor sent out an email that said that their customer owned a their 4 axle vehicle and that:

“This customer is able to get the same legal payload as a 43′ 6-Axle “Conventional” Roll off Trailer”.  

In Michigan GVW is calculated as 15,000 for the tractor steer, 16,000 for each of the tandem drive axles on tractor, and 13,000 for each axle.

Competitor’s 4 Axle (we used their data on their weight and approx. tractor weight they use)

4 axle is 15,000+16000+16000+13000+13000+13000+13000=99,000 GVW.

Then if:

18,000 lbs. Tractor

17,340 lbs. Trailer

6,000 lbs. Box

41,340 lbs. Empty


99,000 GVW for 4 axle

41,340 Empty

57,660 Can carry in a box by a competitor’s 4 axle

6 axle is 15,000+16000+16000+13000+13000+13000+13000+13000+13000=125,000 GVW

Then if: 18,000 lbs. Tractor, 30,880 lbs. Trailer, 6,000 lbs. Box, 54,880 lbs. Empty, 125,000 GVW for 6 Axle, 54,880 Empty

  70,120 lbs. Can carry in a box by a BENLEE 6 axle

A Six axle can carry 70,120 so then -57,660=12,460 lbs. more, which is 21.6% more weight with a 6 axle, vs. a 4 axle.

We will also add that the competitor’s email tells of a very scary thought, which again is not even legal. Of course this is, picking up a load of 70,120 and a 6,000 lb. box, so about 76,120. Also you then have part of the weight of a trailer, so say 9,000, meaning total of 85,120 lbs. on two axles. Importantly, that is on one single point suspension which is a sure way to cause a very serious issue.

BENLEE Safety systems

Importantly, you can buy our safety systems online: Safety systems


Roll off Trailer BENLEE


Roll off trailer for sale
Roll off trailer for sale




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