Roll off Trailer: Single and Two Container

Roll off trailers are for Sale at BENLEE. See most of the line here: Roll off Trailers BENLEE. Call us at 734-722-8100 for a quote or go online for a request for quote.  Heavy Duty roll off trailer are what we are about including 6, 7 and 8 axle trailer. Optimized weight trailers to carry the most weight are also key to what we sell. Used roll off trailer for sale are also in stock. Yes, some call them roll off dumpster trailers. We also sell a line of trailers for Canada: Canadian Roll off trailers. We can stock Pup trailers that come in Wet/Live, or Dead, with no hydraulics: Pup Roll off Trailer.

Roll off Trailers Sold Across many regions

Our line of Two Container trailers, TCT, Double box trailer, two box, two dumpster, are also leaders in their class and can be seen here: Two Container Trailer, Two Box. If you are in California, Los Angeles, Texas, Houston, Dallas, Illinois, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Ohio call us. Also, if in Cleveland, North Carolina, Charlotte, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Atlanta, call us. Moreover, if in Canada, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and more, call us. These are heavy duty roll off trailers that are built light, with high strength steel, so you can carry two heavy dumpsters. We are a Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer. You can also see us at 30383 Ecorse Rd. Romulus, MI., 48174.

Also, these units are built for great uptime, and all come with 102″ wide axles for maximum stability. They have bullet proof Gresen V40 Valves, 3,000, 1″ hoses, rollers that are mounted with pins, through the hoist tube.

Roll off dump trailers, roll on, roll off trailer, are all the same to us, so we have the roll off dumpster trailer for sale, container trailer. We work with Premier Truck sales and Rental for roll off dump trailer rental. Roll off Trailer rental. Sorry they do not have a roll off trailer Canadian rental program.

Roll off trailer parts for sale

Roll off trailer parts are for sale on our online parts store: Roll off trailer parts store.

Greg Brown


Roll off trailers for sale
Roll off trailer for sale

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