Open Top Trailer, Gondola Trailer for Sale

Open top trailer, Gondola Trailers are for sale at BENLEE. Importantly, these are huge, 45′, 48′ and 53′ open top trailers that can carry enormous amounts of material. They are light weight in that they have no frame. They are up to about 130 Cu Yards, so more than 3 times the amount of a 40 yard box. 8′ high, tall side is the most common, but we can do 7′, 6′, 5′. We ship to California, Canada, Mexico, Texas, Ohio, New York, FL, MI, NY, IL, IN, PA and more! These are all new trailers including new axles, rims tires.

Open Top Trailer

Great gondola trailers, scrap trailer, scrap haulers, Open Top High sided trailers. Most of what we make has Hardox (TM), high strength steel walls and floors, so these unit are light and can carry a lot of weight. BENLEE is the #1 Roll off trailer manufacturer in the U.S. and Canada. See them at Open Top Trailer, Gondola Trailer.

Gondola Tarp Systems

Gondola Tarp systems for sale

We have 48′ Open Top Trailers in stock, so call us for a quote. Of course, all our trailers have new tires, axles and rims, as well as the stock units are 8′ high. So we have the steel gondola trailer for you.

Pioneer, Roll Rite, Donovan

Importantly, for safety many use tarping systems. Futhermore, we are here to support you, so we have the tarp system you want. Of course, we also sell all the tarp system replacement parts for Pioneer, Roll-Rite, Donovan and more. Pioneer tarp system part A3881 KIT Arm Pivot

These of course are semi trailers that are used in at scrap yards and salvage yards. Moreover, that are to mainly carry demolition scrap very efficiently and shreddable material to shredders! You can even load these with light iron and throw a few cars in, then take to the shredder! Scrap Hauler, Gondola trailers are made from the best parts, including 102″ wide axles. Also, the hubs are sealed with 5 year syntheic grease.

They are great scrap hauling trailers. Sorry we do no have any used ones at this time. We new stock new roll offs for immediate shipment. Get a quote: Gondola trailer Request for quote.

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Open Top trailer
Gondola Trailer for sale


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