Lugger Securement

Lugger Securement, for Lugger trucks has new rules by CVSA which now requires securement. Lugger Securement Tie Down System. Importantly, note this comes in 2 and three strap versions. Importantly, each strap is 48,000 lbs. breaking and 15,840 lbs. working load, which is almost triple some other straps. Also, note than while pins are standard on BENLEE (Huge Haul, Heil, Load Lugger (TM)), they may not engage in all size boxes, so straps or chains would be needed as a tie down. Lugger Securement CVSA document.

Team Development

We have the lugger securement systems you need to be safe and to follow the new laws. BENLEE worked with ACE and Converto on this process, with BENLEE engineers doing design work and ACE worked with Sadoff to complete some vehicle testing. Also, there was support funding by RERF, the Recycling, Research, Education Foundation. Moreover, this is where BENLEE has established an endowment to support continued of recycling, for which lugger trucks are a key part of recycling.

Also, note that BENLEE has become the leader in lugger trucks and hoists, having purchased Huge Haul, who had purchased Heil’s lugger business. Moreover, this means that Load Lugger (TM), is now part of the BENLEE family of products. See Lugger Truck Overview.

Lugger Securement parts

BENLEE has a complete lugger parts store for valves, hoses, tarps, tarp systems, hydraulic line, seal kits, handles and more.

Importantly, safety is #1 at BENLEE, so we worked with ISRI to support the development if the strap system. Of course, in units that have pins that engage on your box, they can be used as well. Again, here is a key document CVSA Lugger, and here is an key ISRI Document, ISRI CVSA.

Also, if you have any questions about this for your BENLEE, call us. Moreover, call for Huge Haul, Heil lugger truck, Load Lugger (TM), and all our products. Moreover, if you have an ACE, Converto, or Universal, these strap systems will work on them as well. Lugger Truck quote

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Lugger Sercurement
Lugger Securement System-Straps/hooks

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