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Crushed Car Trailer for sale at BENLEE.    Importantly, BENLEE is the manufacturer, Dealer, selling crushed car semi trailers.  Moreover, we manufacture them in a 3 sided versions, with the 4th side being a curtain system or a door system.   Also we make a two side trailer, front and back with the two sides being curtain systems or doors.  Moreover in fact BENLEE has the United States patent on the 3 sided curtain crushed car trailer.  Crushed Car Trailers.

Crushed Car Trailers Load Fast

Importantly, scrap cars can be quickly loaded and unloaded with these trailers.   Moreover is you are hauling junk cars, or hauling crushed cars, call us for a quote.  At times we have used crushed car trailers, but not a lot.  Sorry, so if you are looking for a new trailer to carry crushed cars, call us for the best scrap car haulers, crushed car carrier in the market! Of course we sell replacement crushed car hauler Tarp systems. Why mess with crushed car netting when you can get a great crushed car semi trailer!  These are Heavy Duty, meant to operate for decades with great uptime and low owning and operating costs.

Crushed Car Trailer-100% New, Not rebuilt

Importantly, these are totally new units so not a flatbed with curtains and or doors. New axles, new body, new suspensions.  BENLEE is the #1 Manufacturer of these units and Roll off trailers and Lugger Trucks.  Also Open Top Scrap Gondola trailers, pup trailers, Two Container trailers, two box trailers and more.  Moreover, if you are in California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, call us.  Importantly, states like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana are also important to us.

Roll off trailers and more

Moreover, if you are looking for roll off trailers call us and see our website: Roll off trailers.

Roll off truck parts

Furthermore, if you are looking for roll off truck parts, you can go to our online store: Roll off parts store.  Here you can order BENLEE roll off trailer parts as well as Galbreath, Galfab, Dragon and more, including the Galbreath roll off truck rollers: Galbreath rolller 386AO 4″, or Galbreath roller 381AO 3″

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Crushed Car Trailer, Car Hauler for Sale-BENLEE

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