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Title: “Choose BENLEE: The Best in Crushed Car Hauling Trailers”

In the crushed car hauling trailer industry, BENLEE stands out. Why? Because they deliver an unbeatable combination of heavy-duty durability, rapid load times, and customizable features. These qualities make BENLEE the top choice for businesses worldwide.

BENLEE Trailers are Built Tough

When you choose a BENLEE trailer, you’re choosing durability. You’re choosing a heavy-duty hauling solution that will stand up to the toughest jobs. The robust steel construction of these trailers ensures that they can handle even the most demanding loads. And despite their strength, BENLEE trailers make loading fast and easy. Request a quote

Quick and Easy Loading

Time is valuable in the haulage industry. BENLEE understands this. Also, that is why they design their trailers to be as easy to load as possible. With a BENLEE trailer, you can load and unload your crushed cars quickly, getting back on the road sooner. This efficiency makes a real difference to your business’s bottom line.

Customizable to Your Needs

BENLEE knows that every business is different. So, they offer trailers that you can customize to meet your needs. Moreover, you can choose a trailer with gates or opt for a curtain system for even faster load times.

They also offer the popular 48′ and 53′ sizes. Also, these sizes provide plenty of space for hauling crushed cars, but they’re still manageable to handle on the road. It’s all about giving you options that work for your business.

Stability and Less Maintenance

Stability matters when you’re hauling heavy loads. That’s why BENLEE trailers feature 102″ wide axles, not the usual 96″. These wider axles give the trailer extra stability, keeping your load secure on the road.

BENLEE also designs their trailers for easy maintenance. The axles feature sealed hubs filled with a 5-year synthetic grease. This grease eliminates the need for regular oil checks, saving you time and effort.

Extra Warranty and Safety Features

But BENLEE doesn’t stop at durability, speed, and customization. They also add features that extend the life of your trailer and keep it safe on the road. A secondary air filter in the ABS system adds an extra 100,000 miles to your warranty. That means you can count on your BENLEE trailer to last even longer.

And to keep you safe on the road, BENLEE includes Wheel Checks as a standard feature. These handy tools make it easy to see if your lug nuts need tightening, reducing the chance of wheel-related problems on the road.


When you’re looking for a crushed car hauling trailer, BENLEE is the best choice. Their trailers are tough, quick to load, and customizable. They’re also stable on the road and easy to maintain. And with extra warranty and safety features, you know you’re getting a product that will serve you well for years to come.

BENLEE doesn’t just make trailers. They make the best trailers for hauling crushed cars. Moreover, they deliver quality, efficiency, and peace of mind. So, if you need a reliable, hard-working trailer, look no further than BENLEE. You won’t be disappointed.

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