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Crushed car trailers are or sale at BENLEE. We are a Dealer, Manufacturer of crushed car haulers. Why use all the netting and chains, when you can load quicker and run safer with a three-side crushed car hauler. The 4th side can be our Patented Curtain system or gates. Curtain side is more popular than gates! Either one for fast in and out! BENLEE was the first and is still the #1 manufacturer of crushed car carriers in the U.S. and Canada. If you are hauling crushed cars, call us for the best in semi-trailers for crushed cars. Scrap car hauler trailers by BENLEE are high uptime, low owning and operating cost. Crushed car netting is slow and expensive. Get a quote on one of our scrap car hauler trailers, for auto transport, a crushed car carrier, for hauling junk cars. Sorry we almost never get used crushed car trailers, but things change so call us to see if we do. We do sell the curtain if you want to try to build your own, so enclosed trailers can be made or bought at BENLEE. Curtain crushed car trailers for sale. Call us for a quote.



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