BENLEE Roll off Trailer Photo Gallery

Roll off trailer photos are here to help you see our product line. These photos are of our roll off trailer product line that includes tandem axle roll off trailers and up to 8 axle roll off dumpster trailers. Of course, we also have great shots of our gondola trailers which are known as a tin scow in Canada. There are also great shots of our lugger trucks which have clear shots of the lugger hoist. Moreover, Load Lugger ™ is our BENLEE Trademark.

Roll off trailer photos

See photos of our bestselling two container roll off trailers, Two Container roll off trailer, which some call two box roll off trailers, or some even call them rocket launchers. Why, because they do look a bit like a rocket launcher! The Super Mini and the Super Mini Long remain great units as well. Of course, the BridgeMaster is the best of breed when it comes to tandem axle 40′, 80,000 GVW trailers.

Lugger trucks

Lugger trucks by BENLEE have a long heritage. The go back to Brooks Engineering who invented the lugger truck and registered the name Load Lugger (TM). Brooks sold out to Ingersoll, whom years later sold out to Heil. Many years later, Heil sold the lugger truck line to Huge Haul. In 2016, BENLEE acquired Huge Haul. This means BENLEE’s heritage of lugger trucks goes back to day one, the original lugger truck. We remain still #1 and are ready to support you.

Gondola trailers, Open Top, Scrap Hauler, Tin Scow

Gondola trailers are a key part of the metal recycling industry. To support the market, we work hard to keep 48′ long, 8′ high gondola trailers in stock. These have Hardox (TM) walls and floors, to be light, but heavy duty and strong. Of course, they have safety systems like 1o2″ wide axles and wheel checks. Gondola Trailer

Dump trailers and dump trucks

Dump trailers and dump trucks with full frames and bodies made of Hardox (TM) are part of the BENLEE product line. Call us today for a quote.