BENLEE Roll Off Trailer Forms

For easy accessibility, the many forms that are used for the purchase process can now be found here.

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  1. Container Dimensions
  2. Color Chart
  3. FET Exemption
  4. MCO Title Sheet Form
  5. Sales Tax Exemption

BENLEE is the #1 roll off trailer manufacturer in North America. We also manufacture, Lugger Trucks, Lugger trailers, Open Top scrap gondola trailers, pup roll off trailers and more. At times we have used roll off trailers for sale and if you are looking for a used lugger truck, call Premier Truck Sales and Rental. Also roll off trailers for rent at Premier Truck sales and rental. BENLEE also has roll off truck parts for sale and roll trailer parts Lugger truck parts for sale. Tarps, sheaves, pulley, hydraulic valve, cylinders and Roll-Rite, Gresen, Parker, Pioneer, Dragon, Galbreath, Galfab, kpac, Huge Haul, Heil, Ace, American, G&H, Converto and more. We are a Dealer Distributor of roll off truck parts, lugger truck parts, roll off dump trailer parts and more. We sell high volume roll off parts like Dragon 805-0010 roller, Dragon 470-6006 Ratchet strap/hook, 510050 strap, Galbreath 386AO 3” side roller assembly, Galbreath 2316W Cable pulley, Galbreath 3431 cable end, Roll-Rite 76760 bow tube, 76770 Roll-Rite Bow tube, 10122 Roll-Rite-Super Duty motor, replacement for 10120 and 46250 Roll-Rite Tower lower arm, Gresen 8348-001 Valve handle bracket, 1576-001 Gresen Filter housing seal, Gresen K-6158 Valve link kit. Dump truck cyclinders, dump trailer cylinders for sale.

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