Two Container roll off trailer, TCT

Two container roll off trailer units are a great trailer to use for high productivity. Two Container Trailer, Two Box. Importantly, the BENLEE double box, two container trailer TCT, can carry two 24′ roll off boxes and of course vacuum boxes. Also they are great heavy duty haulers that go the distance. Also, you can get them in tandem axle, tri axle and yes for Michigan up to even 8 axle. Moreover, we sell these units in California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and more. Also, of course we go North to Canada, for Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and more. Importantly, most Canadian two box trailers are tri axle trailers.

Two container trailer

Importanntly, we are the #1 roll off trailer manufacturer in the U.S. so if you are looking for a TCT call. Also, some even call them rocket launchers. Moreover, call us at 734-722-8100 or come see us at BENLEE, 30383 Ecorse Road, Romulus, MI., 48174. Importantly, if you have a Dragon, Galbreath, Clement, American or Pitbull Double box trailer call us. Moreover, our two bin roll off trailer is built for the highest uptime in the industry. Also, we have all the parts for your double box roll-off trailer. At times we do have used roll off trailers for sale so call us. We have an online parts store for all your roll off parts.

Roll off trailer parts

Importantly, roll off trailer parts can be bought online: Roll off trailer parts. Also, this means we have the parts for yor 2 box roll off trailer. Also, if you find a used roll off trailer for sale, we have the roll off replacement parts for you. Chagonon Doubler parts are for sale as well at BENLEE. Of course we have Dragon TCT parts in stock. Dragon 805-0010 Roller 4″, can be bought right now and is in stock. Also the 470-6006 ratcet with strap w/hooks is ready to go. Note another option for carrying tow loads is a BENLEE pup trailer. Pup roll off trailer. A two container trailer is faster to load and unload, but at times a pup trailer may work.

Greg Brown


Two Container Trailer

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