Two Box Trailer: Roll off Trailer by BENLEE

Two box roll off trailer by BENLEE. Importantly, we are now the fastest growing roll off trailer manufacturer in the U.S. Moreover, see our website for more on our two container trailer: Two container roll off trailer.

Two Container Roll off trailer

Moreover, we are fastest growing because we build the safest and highest uptime roll off in the market. Also, we are known to have the lowest owning and operating cost roll off trailer in the market. Of course, we have real proven and documented value that can be seen right here: BENLEE Advantages. Also, we are known for features like 12″ sheaves, vs all others with 8″ or 10″, 1″ hydraulic steel line and hoses. Also, we plate all our steel lines for anti-corrosion and paint adherence. Moreover, this means that the rusting and replacing of steel lines is something that does not happen for many years to come.

Double Box Key BENLEE Features

BENLEE’s two box trailer has two key features that bring major advantages. 1) A driver cable assist. This cable driven by the main reeve cylinder brings the main cable to the back of the trailer after bringing the first box up. 2) Shuttle system for front box. Of course, others use the winch to carry the first box to the front position. Importantly, BENLEE has a shuttle system that move the box smoother and stops the hassle of broken cables.

Rocket Launcher

Of course, people call two box roll off trailers rocket launchers. Moreover, double box trailers, do look like a rocket launcher, but of course, they are great at picking up boxes.

Roll off truck and roll off trailer parts

Importantly, even BENLEE roll off trailers and trucks need parts at times. See our online parts store to buy 24/7. Roll off parts store. Of course, we know that in the past Dragon has been the leader in two container trailers and there are a lot out there. Therefore, BENLEE has a Dragon parts store department! Dragon roll off trailer store. Also, we even had the high use rollers in stock for same day shipment that you can buy now. Dragon roll off trailer roller 805-0010; 217-0022E

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Two container roll off trailer BENLEE
Two Container roll off, roll off trailer

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