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Double box roll off trailers by BENLEE. Two Container trailer, roll off. Also, we are the market leaders in roll off trailers that can carry two dumpsters at once. These 2 container trailers are great for long hauls to increase productivity. Importantly, carrying two roll off boxes is a major productivity win, typically for over 100 miles. We are the leading manufacturer of roll off trailers in North America, so if you are in Texas, Houston, Dallas, or North Carolina call. Also, if you are in, Georgia, California, Canada or Mexico, a BENLEE two box roll off can make a difference for your company. For a quote: Request a quote TCT

Roll off trailers at BENLEE

Call us at 734-722-8100 for a quote. Importantly, while we rarely have used roll offs in stock, we do have new trailers that we can deliver today. We have a tandem axle trailer in stock for you, but we make two box trailers up to 8 axles. Yes, 8 axles, of course for MI only, where we can carry up to 154,000 GVW legally. Some people call these double bin trailers, Rocket Launchers, so yes we make them and sell them direct, so you do not have to hassle with a dealer.

Heavy Duty Two Container roll off trailer

Our roll off trailers are Heavy Duty, due to they are made from high strength steel to keep them strong, but light. Also, every unit is also sand blasted, primed and then painted to get the best paint adherence to last literally decades. Importantly, we use steel plated lines for paint adherence and corrosion resistance. Also, we use 3,000 lb. hoses for longer life. Moreover, we are the only ones in the industry that use 1″ hoses, for speed of your system and longer life.

Roll off trailer parts

BENLEE is where you can order parts. Also, for older roll off trailers you can even order Gresen parts: Gresen Hydraulic Valves, filters, parts.

We have in stock every roller, tie down, sheave and pin you need. Also, we stock Pioneer tarp systems, Roll Rite, Aero, Donovan and more. Importantly, this means we stock tarps, arms, motors and more. Dragon roll off parts are for sale as well. Dragon roll off trailer parts.

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Two Box Roll off trailer
Two box trailer for sale at BENLEE


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