Standard rail roll-off trailer

Standard rail roll-off trailer is a key BENLEE product. See our main product line at our website: Roll off trailers: Heavy Duty; High Quality. Our standard rail width is 35.25″, but we can make a custom size for you. Some in California like 34.5″, so we make that as well. Moreover, you can fill out and RFQ for a Super Mini, or even a Two Container.

Standard rail roll off dumpster trailer

Many people call our vehicles roll-off dumpster trailers. In end we are here to sell you the vehicle you need. The smallest unit we make is the Super Mini, a great tandem axle unit. Here is the great news though. For the Michigan market, the team make vehicles up to eight axles, 154,000 GVW with no over permitting. These units legally pick up about 100,000 lbs. Here is the great news as said. All our products, including the Super Mini, have the same axles, control valve, hoses, steel lines and more.

A product line for you

The standard in many cases is our 80,000 GVW units. We build them in two families. The Conventional in a triaxle, is 80,000 GVW at 40′ It also comes in a tandem 44′ version that is also 80,000 GVW. The great news about the 40′ unit is that you can over permit it for 102,000 GVW in states like New York. The downside is that again in the 40′ version if weighs about 22,500 lbs. Importantly though we also make the BridgeMaster. At 40′ and a tandem axle is only weighs 16,900 lbs., so carry about 5,600 pounds more.

Two container trailer

Two container units are great vehicles as well. They carry two dumpsters, that are up to 24′ each. Note that some people call these units Rocket Launchers, due to the way they look with the rear hoist in the air. Of course, they are also called double container, or two box. Also, of note is that these units have an exclusive shuttle system in the front, to move the front box. Also, there is a driver assist cable to bring the main cable back to the rear position.

Roll off truck parts

BENLEE is the place to go for your roll-off truck parts. Part Store. There are even a Galbreath Truck parts and Dragon Parts. Pioneer, Roll-Rite, Aero as well as Donovan components are all in stock. The team works hard to keep costs down, so we can offer you the best service with the best prices. Call us at 734-722-8100.

Greg Brown


Two container trailer
Two container trailer from BENLEE

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