Roll off trailers the BENLEE Advantage: What Make BENLEE #1

Roll off trailer: Unraveling the BENLEE Advantage: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Roll Off Trailer

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Are you pondering your next roll off trailer purchase? Look no further than BENLEE. With its exceptional features and service, BENLEE surely deserves your consideration. Here is our major roll off product line: Roll off trailer product line.

So, why BENLEE? The answer starts with their commitment to technology. At BENLEE, they use state-of-the-art technology in crafting their trailers. This feature allows you to work more efficiently and reliably.

Roll off trailer 102″ wide axles

However, it’s not just about technology. Durability matters too. These trailers can handle even the toughest of conditions, thanks to their robust build. Moreover, the wide 102″ axles are a BENLEE signature, ensuring maximum stability, even with heavy loads. Note that all roll off trailer manufacturers use 96″ wide axles. When a driver goes around a turn too fast and or a load shifts during a turn, 102″ axles on a roll off trailer can make the difference.

Roll off dumpster trailer safety

When it comes to safety, BENLEE doesn’t skimp. Their roll off trailers come equipped with a unique hoist up alarm. This safety feature alerts the operator during lifting operations, reducing accidents. Sadly, there are deaths and there is major property damage by drivers driving with the hoist up. Drivers hit bridges, power lines, overhead pipes and more. Roll off truck have had hoist up alarms for years, but roll off trailers never had them. BENLEE developed the industry’s 1st roll off trailer hoist up alarm.

We use a proximity sensor that sends a signal to a strobe light if the hoist is not in place. The strobe then flashes and can be seen in the drivers rear view mirror. The good news is that this system does not make noise. It is the noise that sadly has some drivers disable these systems and causes major accidents and even deaths.

Roll off dump trailer steel plated hydraulic lines

Of course, rust is a big issue for roll off trailers and roll off trucks. Therefore, BENLEE trailers feature plated steel lines, ensuring durability and resistance to rust. We plate our steel lines with chromium trivalent. This helps the paint stay on the surface and dramatically reduces replacement costs. Of course, this means higher uptime and lower owning and operating costs.

Roll off trailers with 1″ hoses and steel lines

The industry standard for hoses and hydraulic lines has been 3/4″ in diameter for decades. Of course, like many other areas, BENLEE is different. We use 1″ steel lines and 1″ hoses. That is a full 33% more diameter. This extra 33% clearly brings less wear and stress to the system. The result of course means longer life. This longer life means your roll off dumpster trailer will have higher uptime and lower owning and operating costs. Sadly, it means less selling of replacement parts and less repair costs that we can charge for. That is good news thought for you!

Roll off dumpster trailer with special roll off rollers

The meticulous design doesn’t stop there with 1″ lines, though. With grease grooves in bronze bushings, BENLEE ensures the rollers and sheaves function smoothly. Importantly though , it means more grease is in the system, which brings longer life rollers. Again, this brings higher uptime and lower owning and operating costs. The issue here is there is less down time as your team is replacing worn out rollers. The grease grooves simply mean the rollers hold more grease.

Roll off trailer parts dealer near me

Now, let’s talk about support. BENLEE offers comprehensive service and parts support, ensuring you are never left stranded. Their dedicated team is always ready to assist, and an extensive parts inventory ensures minimal downtime. An important point is we ship 99.9% of the items you need the same day if you call before 3:30 PM EST, Monday-Friday. Of course, we can ship the item next day air, so you can have the parts you need the next day. That means it is like having a dealer near me, or a distributor near me.

Roll off truck, roll off trailer repairs, rebuilding

Furthermore, BENLEE takes proactive steps to support your investment. They provide valuable maintenance tips to help you care for your trailer, extending its life. Their commitment to customer success sets them apart. Part of this is that we can repair and rebuild your vehicles. We like the good, better, best plan. That means if you bring us your unit, we can do repairs that make your unit safe. Also, we can totally rebuild even your 25 year old unit and from 25 feet away you will think it is brand new. That of our is best!

Roll off trailer at competitive prices

In terms of cost-effectiveness, BENLEE trailers make a great investment. Despite their high quality, they are competitively priced. When you factor in their durability and support, you’ll realize that they offer fantastic value for your money. Our team works hard to keep our costs down, so that we can keep our prices down. Also, BENLEE we have great purchasing power, meaning we buy axles, cylinders and more by the truck load. That not only means we get the best price for the axles, but we get great shipping costs, by dealing in full truck loads.

Roll off trailer parts

Of course, we support our units with the best replacement parts support. Roll off trailer parts online store, or you can call 734-722-8100. Of course, you can stop by BENLEE at 30383 Ecorse Rd., Romulus, MI, 49174 to pick up the parts you need for your roll off trailers, roll off trucks, lugger trucks or more. Call us today for fenders, rollers, pins, cables and more.

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Tarp systems and parts from companies like Roll Rite Department-Online store. Of course, you can also call us at 734-722-8100 to place an order

In conclusion, BENLEE trailers are a smart choice for your next roll off trailer purchase. Their blend of technological innovation, robust construction, safety, and superb support make them an industry leader. With features like wide axles, 1″ hoses, hoist up alarms, plated steel lines, and grease grooves in bushings, BENLEE stands out.

To get a full understanding of BENLEE’s offerings, visit their website. They have a wide range of products and services that cater to every need. When it comes to roll off trailers, BENLEE is hard to beat.

In short, a BENLEE trailer isn’t just a purchase—it’s an investment. An investment in top-notch technology, safety, durability, and unparalleled support. So, make your next roll off trailer a BENLEE—you’ll be glad you did.

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