Roll-off trailers Heavy Duty, Optimized for weight & high uptime

Roll-off trailers heavy duty and optimized for weight & high uptime is key for BENLEE. More features that bring high uptime are:

Pin through tube rollers installation.

Our competitors weld a roller assembly to the side of the hoist. When the unit get hits very hard, it breaks and can be welded back on. BENLEE rollers are mounted on a pin and the pin goes through the tube. There is nothing to break off. Get a quote on our heavy duty conventional trailers: Request a quote. For product line overview: Roll-off dumpster trailer overview

Roll pin vs. a cotter pin

The industry standard is to use a cotter pin to keep the roller in place. Under pressure the cotter pin can shear off and break. Out team uses a roll pin, in place of the copper pin. It will not shear off. Heavy duty is key to BENLEE roll off trailers.

Hydraulic Valve DV35HD

The almost standard valve in the industry is a Parker, Commercial DV 20. Furthermore, the DV35HD has two major differences from the DV20. Moreover, the DV35DH has larger ports due our line at 1″ instead of the industry standard 3/4′. Also, the HD stands for heavy duty, as in we installed robust plates to withstand extra pressures.

Roll-off dumpster trailer test

Importantly, at BENLEE there is a 47,000 test box on our site. When you get your $80,000 to $200,000 brand new unit, it is scratched. Why? Because, just before we ship, we pick up the 47,000 test box to make sure the unit we ship you is great. Also, we drive it about 70 miles, before we bring it to you. By testing our vehicles, before they ship, we ensure they have no problems, even tiny leaks before they ship. Your new roll off trailer in scratched by its last test, but that is one of he ways you know it is ready to go.

Grease grooves in roller and sheave bronze bushings

Also, our rollers last longer than long. That is because they are engineered with grease grooves in the bronze bushings. Related, this allows significant amounts of grease to stay in the bushing. Therefore if you team forgets to grease the unit, the unit carries within the roller, more grease than another other unit. Furthermore,  buy parts from the online store: On line roll-off store. Lastly, review all the rollers we sell: Rollers

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Roll-off dumpster trailer
Standard rail roll-off trailer

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