Roll off trailer. Which is the best for my application?

At BENLEE we make the roll off trailer that you need. Here is a review of them and how they could be used.

Super Mini Roll off trailer

The Super Mini Roll off trailer, is a great roll off truck replacement trailer. Roll off trucks are short and maneuverable. Roll off trailers are 40′ in most cases and in Michigan we build them up to 50′! A roll off truck at only 35′ is easy to drive and gets into a tight spot. But now comes the Super Mini. At only 12″ longer than a roll off truck, when put behind a day cab (tractor), it is almost as short as a roll off truck.

Also, if the driver is good at his job, he can get into a tighter spot than a roll off truck. Moreover, depending on the state, the Super Mini carries up to 50% more weight legally than a roll off truck.

Furthermore, we are known in Michigan for 6, 7 and 8 axle extreme units. Without over permitting, the 8 axle is 154,000 GVW. The Super Mini has the EXACT axles, rollers, cable, hydraulic control valve, hoses, etc., as our 6, 7 and 8 axle trailers. The Super Mini is heavy duty and high quality. Moreover, a roll off truck with three axles in the rear is $260,000. The Super Mini is about $85,000, so if you have an underutilized day cab you can save $175,000! For more information call us at 734-722-8100.

Super Mini Long Roll off trailer

The Super Mini Long Roll off trailer is a great unit for heavy hauling in getting into a tight spot. At only 33′ it is much shorter than our 40′ trailers, but it carries almost as much as a 40′ trailer! We make the chassis out of high strength steel, vs. a heavy ‘I beam’. It is great for getting into a tight spot and carrying those heavy loads. It too has all the same components as the 6, 7, and 8 axle heavy duty Michigan units. Moreover, like all our units we stock a complete line of replacement parts for same day shipment. This unit also comes in a tandem axle if you want the short length but do not need the heavy loads.

BridgeMaster Roll off trailer

The BridgeMaster Roll off trailer, is the ultimate in 80,000 GVW trailers. With its long bridge, it carries more weight legally than even a Frameless trailer! This 40′ tandem axle trailer is like our other units a heavy hauler and will easily pick up 60,000 lbs. Of course, 60,000 lbs. is far above what is legally allowed. The great news is this unit carries 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 and even 80 yard roll off boxes. Importantly, this unit also uses all the heavy duty axles, rollers, pins, sheaves that we have on our 6, 7 and 8 axles extreme units.

Importantly, most 80,000 GVW trailers at 40′ are tri-axle units. When we use an extendable tail, we can move the axles to the very back of the trailer. That is the longer Bridge. This means we can get the 80,000 GVW with only two axles. That saves weight and costs. It weighs about 5,600 lbs less than our Conventional, see below, meaning you can carry 5,600 lbs. more. Also, the long bridge means you can get 80,000 GVW with a 210″ tractor.

You need a heavier 231″ tractor on one of the frameless unit out there to get 80,0000 GVW. At 210″ the frameless is only 78,500, so BENLEE carries more than the frameless!


The Conventional is the “Hummer” of trailers. It will pick up over 100,000 lbs., which of course is not safe, nor legal and you should not do it. This is unless you are ordering one of our Michigan trailers with 7 or 8 axles. The Conventional is a heavy unit, meant for heavy jobs. Importantly though, as written above the lighter trailer above do have the same axle, control valve, cable and more. A key about the Conventional is the heavy duty cylinders. Twin lift and twin reeve. These even have 200,000 lb. Holland Mark V landing gear

Two Container trailer, Two Box, Rocket Launcher

The Two Container roll off trailer is the #1 selling unit at BENLEE. Our team leap frogged the competition with its redesign a number of years ago. The key is our proprietary shuttle system for the front box. The system keeps the box transfer smooth, with the cable staying aligned. This protect the cable and stops the constant cable replacement on the other guy’s trailer.

We also have a cable assist system to bring the main cable from the middle of the trailer to the rear. Of course, this trailer has all the same things such as 102″ wide axles, extra air filter in the ABS for another 100, mile warranty, etc.

Pup roll off trailer

The Roll off pup trailer, is a great productivity booster. Run this roll off dumpster trailer behind another roll off truck and you can carry two boxes at one. Importantly, we manufacture this in a roll off dump trailer design, with full hydraulics. Also,we manufacture it in a ‘dry’ version, which is low cost and just a set of rails. Either way we manufacture the best pup roll off trailer for sale.

Drop Deck roll off trailer

The Drop Deck roll off trailer is the trailer you need when you want a low profile unit. These are great for very tall boxes or for liquids. The low center of gravity is critical to carrying liquids that can make a load unstable. Also, these are great for very tall trash compactors. Of course, we manufacture a full line of these from the 32′ Mini to 45′ trailer that can carry 80 yard boxes. Importantly, these too have all the same major components as our 7 and 8 axle extreme roll off dumpster trailers. You can even get 80,000 GVW in our two axle 41′ extendable tail design.

Canadian Roll off trailers

Canadian Roll off trailers have a different set of specifications and rules vs. trailers for the U.S. There are even different SPIF laws. When you call us from Canada, we review if you are from Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and more. We have a full binder of rules and regulations per province that we use to support you in getting the right trailer. The great news is we make Canadian versions of the Super Mini, Conventional, Pup trailer and more.

Roll off trailer parts store

Roll off trailer parts store, is the place to go for every roller, pin, sheave, tarp and more. Moreover, we actually also have parts for Galbreath, Dragon, American and more. Furthermore, call us for Pioneer, Roll Rite, Donovan, Aero and more. This means we have the 386AO, 381AO, and even the 80PP27B fender. Of course, we also stock the Pioneer HR4752, Galbreath A3205 valve and more. Importantly, we are here to help with trouble shooting, manuals, and installation.

An important factor is that we work to have the best price and any order we get before 3:30 PM we will ship the same day. It is like having a dealer near me.

Furthermore, the team is always ready to answer question about any part you need. Again, we have the roller, pin, sheave, pulley, motor and more. Many ask us about Roll Rite parts like the 76800, or Gresen 1576-001 Filter housing seal. Even the Dragon 805-0090 retainer washer is an item we ship the same day.

Greg Brown


Roll off trailer for sale
Roll off trailer for sale at BENLEE



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