Roll off trailer Super Mini Vs tri-axle roll-off truck. Which is best?

Roll off trailer Super Mini vs a triaxle roll off truck is a key question?

Roll off truck triaxle

These are great units and heavy haulers. Moreover, a straight truck is easy to drive and only requires a Class B license. Importantly, they can carry all 20, 30 and 40 yard boxes. Outside of Michigan, in many states you can even get a 4 axles roll off truck to carry more weight. Of course, in Michigan we can run about anything so we have manufactured roll off trucks with up to 6 axles in the rear. Most roll off trucks in the U.S. are two to three axles. Also, you can find single axle truck. More often though you are seeing 4 axle trucks as companies try to reduce the cost per ton.

Of course, companies like Galbreath, Galfab and American/Palfinger sell hoists that are great for the waste industry

Roll off trucks for the Metal Recycling industry-Heavy Duty

Roll off truck for scrap metal are different than what is used the waste. In waste, it is rare that you would carry more than 10 tons. Of course, at times waste companies could carry a lot more. Galbreath, Galfab and more make a great product for that. If you want a heavy duty roll off hoist for scrap metal, that is where BENLEE comes in. We make roll off hoist for heavy duty applications, with scrap metal taking the lead. BENLEE uses more powerful cylinders, larger hoses, plated and larger steel lines and more. We even use a becket to hold the cable in place, vs. cable clamps. The cable crane industry uses beckets.

Of course, we can team up with you to add axles, special sizes, or other options. At BENLEE there is the option for you to buy the truck and we mount the hoist, or you tell us what you want and we buy the truck and sell you a turnkey product. The key here is we can build a heavy duty, high quality roll-off truck for you. At this time, if you are looking for a trash grade, not heavy duty hoist, sorry we are not the place to come. If you are looking for a just a single axle or a tandem axle trailer, we suggest companies like Galbreath, Galfab or American/Palfinger.

Roll off trailer vs a tri axle roll off truck

Maneuverability: There is no question that a roll off truck is easy to drive. Again, only a class B license is needed. They are easy to back up and easy to get into tight spots, but that is a relative term. They are long, about 35′, so like a small school bus. Importantly, the Super Mini, when put behind a day cab is only 36′ long, BUT it ‘jack knifes’ so an experienced driver can get into a tighter spot, than a roll off truck. That makes a Super Mini more maneuverable, not less maneuverable than a roll off truck. Importantly, that means it is great for residential areas, or cities.

Save $184,000 Really!

Sad but true a new roll off truck with three axles in the rear, with one being a tag (lift axle), can cost about $270,000. Crazy, but true. The great thing is that a BENLEE Super Mini, base price is $65,983. When you add a tarp system and FET (12% tax), you are at about $86,000. $270,000-$86,000=$184,000 SAVED. That is a huge number. Also, when there is an engine problem with your roll off truck, you have $270,000 tied up and not roll off truck. If there is a problem with your day cab, just use another one. WM (formally called Waste Management) calls this a decoupling of assets. See Super Mini details

Downside, Negative about the Super Mini

The reality is there is a downside and is real. You need a more expensive Class A driver to run a Super Mini. You only need a Class B driver to run a roll off truck. To some companies that is not an issue. To other companies, they simply cannot find enough Class A drivers, so yes, a roll off truck makes more sense. Importantly though there are many companies that have many Class A drivers running straight trucks that can run a Super Mini.

Roll off truck replacement, Not a regular roll off trailer

To most a roll off trailer is 40′. In Michigan roll off trailers are up to 50′ long and up to 8 axles. When you tell someone that the Super Mini will replace a roll off truck, they think of 40′ 50′ trailers and say you are crazy. The fact though is that the Super Mini is only 25′ 11′ long and as written above when put behind a day cab is it only 12″ longer than a roll off truck. A 40′ roll off trailer will carry a 20/30/40/60/80 yard box. A Super Mini will not do that. It will carry the same 10/20/30/40 yard box that a roll off truck carries. That is why we call it a roll off truck replacement.

Why call it a Super Mini

At BENLEE as stated above we make trailer up to 8 axles. That unit has a GVW of 154,000 without over permitting. It is heavy duty in every aspect you can think of. We have customers that tell us they can pick up 130,000 lbs., which of course you should not do. 100,000 is the legal limit. Here is the facts though. Here is why we call the Super Mini, Super! It has the same EXACT cable, axle, rollers, main control valve, hoses, rollers, etc., of the 154,000 GVW extreme trailer. It is Super, because it uses nothing other than the best of the best that are available in the industry.

Tarp systems you want: Pioneer, Roll Rite, Donovan, Aero and more

It is true that we think Roll Rite tarping systems have the best value in the industry, but at the same time we are flexible. If you want a Pioneer tarp system, we will install it. If you want a Donovan system, we will install it. Bottom line is we will install the type of tarp system that you need and want. Also, a great thing is not only will we the install the tarp system you want and need, but we have the replacement parts for all the tarp system in stock for same day delivery. Order Roll Rite parts here.

We work hard to keep our price down, so that we can offer you the best price with the best deliver. Call before 3;30 PM EST and we will ship the same day.

Roll off trailers in stock

Over the years, we have worked hard to keep roll off trailers like the Super Mini in stock. As of this writing, we hope to have them back in stock in two weeks. That means order a trailer today and you can have it in two week. It is also possible that you could order it in two weeks and pick it up that same day. Call us for availability and a quote at 734-722-8100. Also, request a quote online at Roll off trailer quote

Rent a Super Mini or a roll off truck

We team with Premier Truck Sales and Rental. They have Super Minis in stock to rent by the week, month, or year. All are in great condition to support you and your teams in getting the job done. They even have rent to own programs. You can call them at 800-825-1255. They are great people renting great trailers.

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