Roll Off Trailer, Roll off Parts, Pup, TCT, Gondola, Lugger truck by BENLEE

Roll off trailers, roll off parts, Gondola trailers and lugger trucks are what we are about at BENLEE.

Roll off trailer (Roll off truck replacement)

Importantly, our #1 selling roll off trailer is the Super Mini. It is a roll off truck replacement. Also, most people think of roll off trailer as being 40′. In Michigan they are 47′ to 50′ long. People use roll off trucks because they are short and maneuverable. Moreover, trailers are 40′. Importantly, the BENLEE Super Mini is only 25′ 11″ long and when put behind a day cab is only 36′ long, where as a roll off truck is 35′ long. Importantly though, the Super Mini pivots so it gets into a tighter spot than a roll off truck. Also, a roll off truck today with three axles in the rear is about $220,000++.

Roll off truck replacement

Importantly, if you have an underutilized day cab, you can get a new Super Mini for about $70,000. Moreover, this means you can save over $120,000 if you have an underutilized day cab. In the same light, here is the link to this trailer: Roll off trailer, Truck Replacement Super Mini.

Roll off truck and trailer parts for sale

Importantly, you can go online to roll off truck parts store and right now buy things like: Galbreath side roller 386AO. Also, you can buy: Dragon 805-0010 Roller 4″.

Lugger Trucks by BENLEE

Importantly, lugger trucks have been around for decades. Moreover, BENLEE purchased Huge Haul years ago. Huge Haul had bought Heil’s lugger business and Heil had bought Ingersoll’s lugger business. Moreover, Ingersoll had bought Brooks Engineering that had invented the Lugger. Importantly, we are Load Lugger (TM).

Two Container Trailer

Importantly, if you want to double your load, carry two containers at once look at our TCT, two container trailer. Also, known as two box, or double box trailer. Moreover, some call them rocket launchers. If you are looking for a Dragon, TCT, call us we make the best of the best in the industry. See this link: Two Container trailer.

California, Florida, Texas

Moreover, we ship all over North America. This includes, California, Texas, Florida and more. We have the heavy-duty trailer for you.

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