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BENLEE is the the #1 roll off trailer manufacturer in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Roll off trailers

Importantly, we sell direct and do not have dealers or distributors, so you save the mark up and have the best of the best in service and parts due to no middle man!  This means of course we stock completed roll off trailers for same day pick up!  We have two, three and SEVEN axle trailers in stock.  Of course, roll off trailers with and with out tarp systems.

Two Container Trailers, Two Box, Rocket Launcher

We sell two box roll off trailers, two container, two bin roll off trailers, also called Rocket Launchers by some. Importantly, we have many upgraded systems like a Gresen V40 valve vs. DV 35. Also, we have 102″ wide axles for 96″ for a bit more stability. Moreover, we have a shttle system for the front of the trailer to move the box. This dramtically reduces cable wear and breaking. Also, we have a cable assist system to bring the main cable to the rear. Importantly, a great time saver and helps with safety. Moreover, BENLEE has a hoist up alarm strobe light. Also, the same light flashes if the rear bumper is not locked in place.

Two Container Trailer, Two Box

Roll off trailer manufacturer

Of course, as we said we are trying to close out the year at a high, so we are offering year end deals to on our 2017 model trailers, from the Super Mini roll off dump trailer, and our best selling Bridge Master rolloff trailers.

Also, we have roll-off pup trailers and our industry standard tri axle 80,000 GVW “Conventional” Roll off trailer for sale as well. Importantly, trailer can carry up to 80 yard dumpsters! Also, note at times we do sell used trailers as well.

Importantly, we also have a complete inventory of parts for sale including:

Gresen hydraulic Valve, Parker Hydraulic valves, Roll-Rite Tarp Systems, Roll Rite Parts Store are in stock. PAlso, Pioneer Tarp systems, Roll-off cables, Galbreath roll off truck parts and more!

Galbreath Parts store

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Roll off trailer manufacturer
Roll off trailer for sale-BENLEE






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