Roll off trailer Heavy Duty for sale at BENLEE

Heavy Duty roll off trailers are for sale at BENLEE. See our website at: Heavy Duty roll off trailers. BENLEE trailers are heavy duty but optimized in their design to carry the most weight. As an example we use 1″ hydraulic hoses, while all others use 3/4″. Also, most others use 2,000 lb. hoses, while we use 3,000 lb. Related, steel pipe is 1″ as well, vs 3/4″ for others. We even plate our steel line with chromium trivalent for anti-corrosion and paint adherence. All our axles are 102″ wide vs. an industry standard of 96″. Importantly, 102″ wide gives added stability.

Heavy Duty Roll off trailers

All our sheaves & pullies are 12″ while the industry standard is 10″. There is one company that also uses 12″, but most others are the 10″ and some are even 8″. Rollers and sheaves all have grease grooves in the bronze bushings. This allows the rollers and sheaves to hold more grease so they last longer. It is great for our customers, because they last a long time. Our parts team hates it. BENLEE rollers & sheaves last a long time, so we do not sell too many replacement parts. Rollers are also mounted via pin through tube, not welded on, so they do not break off!

Roll off straps; Hold down winch strap

BENLEE winch straps are two 24,000 lb. breaking strength straps sewn together. That makes the company’s straps the heaviest duty use in the industry. The competition mostly uses one 20,000 lbs. strap. Another feature is our ratchet strap guides; another industry exclusive. These small guides help keep the strap and hook from banging into the frame. The banging hurts the strap and hook life. Related, our straps are bright safety yellow, which makes them easy to see to support the driver in his/her work. You can buy them here: Ratchet straps and hook for winch.

Two container trailer

Two container units, also known as double box or two box are great units. It is truly a heavy hauler, and has the same features as our other units, like 102″ wide axles. Two container units have an exclusive shuttle system to move the first box to the front of the unit. Our shuttle system dramatically reduces the stress on the cables. Less stress means less replacements, so higher uptime. Also, lower owning and operating costs follow from the less cable replacements. Two container trailers.

Roll off truck parts store

Also, you can buy all your truck parts now, 24/7 at: Rolloff truck parts store, or call 734-722-8100 Monday-Friday 6:00 AM to 4:30PM. Best Service and best prices. All work on custom and standard rail dumpster units.

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Heavy Duty roll off trailer
Heavy duty, high quality trailers



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