Roll-off dumpster trailers at BENLEE. What makes us #1

Roll-off dumpster trailers at BENLEE, what makes us #1 is the question. At BENLEE we literally have dozens of exclusive features that no other manufacturers have. Together they ensure that we have the safest and highest uptime with lowest owning and operating costs in the industry. You can review our product line: BENLEE product line. Also get a quote our best selling TCT: Two container unit.


The standard width in the industry is 96″, yet at BENLEE 102″ is standard. That brings you a great level of stability, incase a load shifts, or a driver is going too fast. Also, standard is to have a little rubber plug at the end of the axle. You take your finger and put it in the axle to see if there is oil. Standard at BENLEE is a sealed axle with 5 year synthetic grease. 5 years of no checking!

Roll-off straps, winch straps

Most companies use anywhere from about 6,000 lbs. to 20, 000, lbs. At BENLEE for years we have sewn two 20,000 lb. straps together to have 40,000 lb winch straps. A recent upgrade had been to now sew two 24,000 lbs. straps to get 48,000 lbs. breaking strength. This brings safety and longer life straps.

Cable attachment

All companies other than BENLEE use 3-4 cable clamps with little bolts to keep the cable in place. In addition, our team uses a cast iron becket that is used in the crane industry to keep cables in place. Also, a becket allows for faster change out and less of a chance that cable will come lose.

Secondary air filter in the ABS

Every BENLEE roll-off dumpster trailer comes with a secondary air filter in the ABS system. Pretty simple. Also, this gets you another 100,000 warranty from the manufacturer. Bottom line is longer life, higher uptime and lower cost.

Hydraulic steel lines and hose

Moreover, our steel lines and hoses are all 1″ in diameter. However the industry standard is 3/4 inch. This is a 33% increase in diameter with speeds flow. Importantly, you also get longer life and higher uptime from these system. Of course, that is not all. Related, our hoses are 3,000 lbs. of pressure with the industry standard of 2,000 lbs. It gets even better. Another industry exclusive it all our steel lines are plated with Trivalent Chromium for anti-corrosion and paint adherence.

Paint Finish and life

Furthermore, roll-off dumpster trailers at our company are all sandblasted, primed and painter with an oil base epoxy paint. However, we hate that this is expensive, but we know we are the only ones in the industry that have this process. Also, this makes us the best of the best.

Roll-off dumpster trailer parts store

Lastly, our online parts store is #1 in the industry. Buy parts now: Roll-off trailer parts store.

Greg Brown


Roll-off dumpster trailer
Roll-off dumpster trailer



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