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Roll off trailer uptime

Roll off trailer uptime is key to an operation. Roll off trailers cost anywhere from about $85,000 to $180,000+ for Michigan 8 axle trailers. This means keeping them on the road is important. Also, having people standing around earning high wages with no equipment to run is a huge waste. Most importantly though, if equipment is down, you can miss deliveries and pickups.

Bottom line is uptime is one of the key things we think about at BENLEE. This document is a summary of some of the small and large things we think about at BENLEE. Roll off trailers

Hydraulic hoses that 1″ and steel lines that are 1″, not ¾”

All roll off truck and roll off trailer companies use 3/4″ lines. BENLEE is the only company that uses 1″ lines. 1/.75=1.33. This means BENLEE hydraulic hoses and lines are 33% larger than all others. This also means the hoses and steel lines will last longer, they get less wear, per square inch. Also, this means less time replacing hoses and steel line.

Hydraulic hoses that are 3,000 lbs. not 2,000 lbs.

Almost all roll off trailer companies use 2,000 lb. hoses. BENLEE was the first to standardize on 3.000 lb. hoses. Again, this means longer life, so less downtime in replacing hoses. Moreover, less time cleaning up hydraulic spills that can happen on the road will save environmental problems as well.

Hydraulic hoses with abrasion resistant cover

Parker “Tough Cover” are the best of the best. While 3,000 lb. hoses add value, we take it a step further. We use the “Tough Cover” product line. Many of our trailers are used in tough environments. Things like scrap metal hit them. The “Tough Cover” product resists this, so there is less time spent replacing hoses. Again, uptime is important.

Chromium Trivalent plated steel lines

Rust is a real problem with older roll off trailers. Steel hydraulic lines rust. That means leaks and down time. BENLEE plates all our steel lines with Chromium Trivalent, which means the lines last longer. Like hoses that leak, steel lines that leak are a problem so the plated lines make a major difference in downtime that is affected by rusted steel lines.

Secondary filter in the ABS

Brakes are a critical safety issue and down time issue in trailers. Roll off trailers are meant to carry enormous weight, so brakes are important. Of course, brakes on our trailers are driven by air systems. BENLEE is the only company that installs a secondary air filter in the ABS so that you get another 100,000 warranty and longer life brake systems.

Axles with sealed hubs

Every 5-10 minutes can make a difference. Most companies still use oil filled hubs. It is easy to take the rubber plug out, put your finger in and see if there is enough oil in the hub, but it takes time and is messy. Of course, the driver or mechanic must then get oil, if needed. BENLEE’s roll off trailer has done away with this process. As standard, we have 5 year sealed hubs with a synthetic grease. This is a major savings of time and hassles, which keeps your roll off trailer fleet on the road.

Roll off trailer straps, tie downs 48,000 lb.

BENLEE remains the leader in safety and in this blog, uptime. Roll off straps are one of the key replacement items on roll off trailers. Most companies use 20,000 lb. tie downs (straps). BENLEE uses 2 (two) 24,000 lbs straps that give 48,000 lb. working strength. Metal recycling is one or our largest markets. In this market, there are enormous weights that are carried, so having 48,000 lb. straps is important. Moreover, these heavier straps mean they last longer, so there is less time needed to be changing them.

Cable attachment-Becket, not cable clamps

The entire industry, other than BENLEE uses u shaped cable clamps to hold the cable. In most cases there are 3-5 U shaped clamps. This means on average you need to get an impact wrench, undo, and then retighten 6 to 10 bolts, so 12-20 actions are needed. BENLEE uses a becket, a cast iron attachment system that is used in the crane industry. Not only is it stronger than cable clamps, but all that is done is use a bar and a hammer and you knock out the wedge and then replace the cable. One action out and one action in.

Mud flap attachment system-Fast Flap

The industry uses bolts to attach mud flaps to the roll off trailer. When a trailer at times backs up with a heavy load on a soft surface, they can back up and run over the mud flap. That causes two things. It increases the chance of getting a DOT fine for a rear mudflap. Between the driver getting pulled over and the paperwork dealing with the fine, it is time consuming. Then there are the 4 bolts that must come out and 4 bolts that must go back in, to replace the mudflap. Fast Flap mud flap system

Bright yellow stickers for grease points

It is proven that if you grease a trailer, the trailer will last longer. As part of that components will last longer and need less replacement. Now the question  is, how can that be done fast, accurately, and safely? Safety of course is #1, but doing it fast and accurately is also important. BENLEE is the only roll off trailer manufacturer that places bright yellow grease

Wheel Checks

Sadly, people are killed when tires fly off trailers and trucks. That happens when drivers or maintenance people do not check lug nuts. BENLEE puts bright yellow/green Wheel Checks on every bolt. These have arrows that point to the next bolt. The great thing is, if a lug nut comes lose, there is a visual cue, which lets a driver know a lug nut is loose. This means if all the arrows are pointing to the next lug nut there is nothing to check. A major time saver that adds safety! Wheel Checks.

Hydraulic Pressure gauge on every trailer

When a mechanic wants to check the system pressure, he has to unscrew a plug from the valve and add a gauge. BENLEE now saves you that step and time. We have added a pressure gauge to every trailer so you can have pressure information at any time. No need to set up your own gauge. We have done it for you.

Secondary Air Filter in the ABS give another 100,000 mile warranty

Another exclusive to BENLEE is a secondary air filter we add to the ABS. Keeping the system clean adds life to the system. The longer the life the less changes and repairs are needed. This is a truly value added feature on our trailers. Brakes are key to safety, so we do all we can to keep you safe with high uptime.

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