BENLEE’s Exclusive 6-Year Frame Warranty: Unmatched Quality and Assurance

From our low cost, light, heavy duty Super Mini, to our extreme 8 axle 154,000 GVW trailers

When it comes to roll-off trailers, gondolas, and luggers, BENLEE stands out as the industry leader. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond just manufacturing robust equipment; it’s also reflected in their exclusive 6-year warranty on the frame. Let’s delve into the details of this exceptional warranty and explore why it sets BENLEE apart.

The BENLEE 6-Year Frame Warranty: A Game-Changer

  1. What Does the Warranty Cover?

    BENLEE’s 6-year frame warranty is a comprehensive coverage that applies to all their products, from the entry-level, low cost, light, but heavy duty Super Mini to the colossal 8-axle 154,000 GVW roll-off trailers. Whether you’re investing in a lightweight but heavy-duty Super Mini or tackling extreme hauling with the 8-axle roll off trailer, Luggers and Gondolas BENLEE has you covered. Here’s what the warranty encompasses:

    • Frame Integrity: The heart of any roll-off trailer is its frame. BENLEE ensures that the frame remains structurally sound and free from defects for a full six years. This means peace of mind for operators who rely on BENLEE equipment day in and day out.
    • Durability Assurance: BENLEE’s commitment to durability extends beyond the initial purchase. With the 6-year frame warranty, you can trust that your investment will withstand the rigors of heavy hauling, construction sites, and demanding environments.
    • Best Welds: Our team of experienced welders is known to be the best of the best on our frames and systems
    • Sandblast/Prime and Epoxy paint: BENLEE frames are painted with the best process possible. We do not just clean our frames, they are sandblasted for the best paint adherence. They are then primed and painted with an epoxy paint to get the longest life and protective paint.
  2. Why Is It Industry Exclusive?

    BENLEE’s 6-year frame warranty isn’t just impressive; it’s industry-exclusive. Here’s why:

    • Longevity: Most warranties in the industry cover a shorter duration—typically 1 to 5 years. BENLEE’s 6-year warranty sets a new standard, ensuring that your investment remains protected for an extended period.
    • Quality Assurance: BENLEE’s commitment to quality is unwavering. By offering a 6-year warranty, they demonstrate their confidence in the craftsmanship and materials used in their roll-off trailers, gondolas, and luggers. It’s a bold statement that speaks volumes about their dedication to customer satisfaction.
  3. Why Choose BENLEE?

    • Proven Track Record: BENLEE has been a trusted name in the industry for decades. Their roll-off trailers, gondolas and luggers are workhorses, designed to handle heavy loads efficiently. With the 6-year frame warranty, BENLEE solidifies its reputation as a reliable partner for waste management, construction, and logistics companies.
    • Service and Repair: BENLEE doesn’t just sell trailers and trucks; they provide comprehensive service and repair solutions. From complete rebuilds to cable replacements, their skilled team ensures that your equipment remains in top condition. The 6-year warranty is a testament to their commitment to long-term customer satisfaction.
    • Hydraulic Hose, cable, and tarp Repair: BENLEE’s facility in Romulus, Michigan, offers hydraulic hose repair, cable, and tarp services while you wait. When downtime isn’t an option, BENLEE has you covered.
    • Operations Training: BENLEE provides operations training either at their site or yours. Safety is paramount, and their training ensures that operators understand the equipment thoroughly.
    • Rentals: Need a roll-off trailer or lugger truck? BENLEE collaborates with Premier Truck Sales and Rental to offer high-quality rental options. Even their rental units come with the same heavy-duty assurance.
  4. Conclusion

    BENLEE’s 6-year frame warranty isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a promise. It’s a commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. So, whether you’re hauling with the Super Mini or commanding the extreme 8-axle beast, rest assured that BENLEE has your back—for six years and beyond.

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